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Talking about the QuickBooks file manager application, it is a standalone app for QuickBooks accountant and enterprise accountant. File manager stocks company files along with the usernames and passwords. And the app allows the user to import client’s QB files and easily upgrade from one QuickBooks version to another. The user can access QuickBooks file manager via an icon from the desktop or from the accountant menu in QB accountant editions.

With the help of QuickBooks file manager application, the user can easily import the client’s QB files. Also, the app makes it easier for the user to upgrade from one QuickBooks version to another. Well, if you are keen to know the other facts related to file manager, then make sure that you read this article carefully till the end. In today’s article, we will be talking about the facts related to the QuickBooks file manager. You can also contact our accounting professionals at our toll-free customer support number i.e. 1-844-521-0490, and they will provide you with the best possible information.

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Important points to remember

The user should note the below points, before moving ahead:

  • The password vault of the QuickBooks file manager can be easily used for managing the complex passwords that many files now need.
  • In case the same list of files and their login/password is required on multiple systems, the file manager backup can be used and restored on another system.

What can be done in QuickBooks file manager?

  • Talking about the file manager, the user can build a client list that creates a virtual view of the hard drive, groups clients QuickBooks files by type, and contain locations of clients’ company files.
  • The tool also saves the login information for the clients. QuickBooks desktop files in password vaults lets the user to open clients’ file from the client list and without looking up the login information.
  • The file manager also upgrades multiple clients QuickBooks desktop files to the latest version of QuickBooks in a batch.
  • And the user can also create groups of clients defined.

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Work procedure of QuickBooks file manager

  • The file manager organizes the client folders and companies in a user-friendly directory that is based off the user’s original orientation
  • It also groups all the company files for each client into the particular format for ease of the company
  • The file manager also remembers the username and password for each of the file for easy opening of the company file and selecting to open the file from the file manager.

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How to start QuickBooks file manager?

There are three simple ways to start QuickBooks file manager, which include:

  • The user can select QuickBooks file manager form the QuickBooks accountant menu
  • On the desktop, the user can click on the QuickBooks file manager icon
QuickBooks file manager - Screenshot
  • And from the windows start menu, the user can move to the programs, QuickBooks, and file manager tabs respectively.

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Two options for importing the QuickBooks files

  • The user can move to the clients drop down menu from the QuickBooks file manager and then select add clients via, and then choose update client list wizard
    • The user can import from client folders names, in case of already organized company files and folders into a format to the liking
    • Importing from QuickBooks file names, if the user has not organized the files and folders and the user wants the file manager to scan the system and import the files. It will also name the files the same as how they are named on the PC or network.
  • The user can also drag and drop the files from windows file explorer into the file manager.

Opening the company file from file manager

  • The user can double click the file or move to the file drop down, and choose open in QuickBooks
  • It should be noted that two files can also be opened at once via the file manager
  • Or the user might also convert, restore files. For which the user needs to move to the files and restore to QBW or convert to QBA

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Managing and merging client folders

  • The user can view the grouped clients into preferred groups based off of the clients
    • The QuickBooks file manager automatically groups the files by year in the groups drop down
    • The user can manager the groups by going to Groups, add/edit groups or deleting current group when a group is opted
  • The user might also look for clients by any specified term with the search option
  • Also, the user can merge the client folders by opting for both folder and then right clicking and selecting merge selected clients
  • The user might also manage the client folders and files from the files drop down
  • And when the client is selected from the client list, the information will populate in the file files section. Once the file has been opened thru the file manager, file information will populate in the information tab that is to right of the files tab.

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We conclude the article over here, with the hope that the information we have shared above might brief with all possible facts related to QB file manager. However, if any of your query remained unanswered, then in that case, we recommend you to contact us directly at 1-844-521-0490. Our QuickBooks enterprise technical support team will provide you with the most relevant answers to all your queries immediately. Thus, feel free to call us anytime, we will be happy to help you.


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