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Are you troubling with QuickBooks Error 6123, 0? when opening a company file or while upgrading a company file into QuickBooks desktop. This error can also occur when you try to restarting a backup. Because of this problem a QB user could not able to restore the backup.

In the following article, I am going to discuss about this error and it’s causes with few troubleshooting steps. However, to save your precious time and efforts you can contact our QuickBooks enterprise support team at 1(844)521-0490.

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Insight into QuickBooks Error code 6123, 0

According to Intuit QuickBooks error code 6123, 0 “Connection to the QuickBooks company file has been lost” occurs when you opening a company file over a network in multi-user environments or you are upgrading a company file to a newer version of QuickBooks.

You may see the following error message on your desktop screen when the use of a company file report over a network.

QuickBooks Error -6123, 0

Connection to the QuickBooks company file has been lost

QuickBooks desktop error 6123-0 - screenshot

Error code 6123, 0 might be complicated error for you to resolve. So we recommend you to disable your antivirus programs and other security software’s before going to the any solution methods.

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What Causes QuickBooks Error 6123, 0 ?

Sometimes, when a user tries to restore QuickBooks company files from backup hard disk or opens a company file from the multi-network server, an error message “QuickBooks Error 6123, 0” is displayed on the screen. QuickBooks Error Code 6123,0 “Connection to the QuickBooks company file has been lost” occurs in multi-user environments caused by one of the following reasons:

  • QuickBooks data files or program files are damaged or corrupted.
  • Block Web Bugs filter option is selected in your McAfee antivirus.
  • Your firewall security is blocking a port which is important to communicate with the server hosting the company file.
  • Your Windows OS is damaged.
  • There are multiple versions of the QuickBooks database service are running.
  • Your computer system name on the system hosting the QuickBooks company file was changed at the time the hosting was turned on.

How to Fix QuickBooks Error code 6123, 0?

If you see Error code 6123, 0 while opening or upgrading your company file the follow the recommended troubleshooting steps given below.

Important: Before proceeding to the given steps make sure to remove special characters from the file name. The character should be 30 or less and it should not have any special characters or spaces:

Solution 1: Download the QuickBooks File Doctor

QuickBooks file doctor icon - Screenshot
  • Download & Run the QuickBooks File Doctor tool.
  • After that search the QB Company File.
  • Choose the “Check File Damage Only” option, and then select the “Diagnose File” option.
  • Type-in the Admin Password & then choose the “OK” button.
  • Choose the ‘Open File‘ option in Newer Version or ‘Repair File‘ in the existing version.
  • Follow the remaining steps appearing on the screen.
  • After completing the all steps Reboot/restart the computer once.

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Solution 2: Rename .ND along with .TLG file

  • First of all, Open the folder where the company file is stored.
  • Choose the associated .ND file of your company.
  • After that give a right click on the company file and choose Rename option.
  • Now Rename the .ND file to .ND.OLD also choose the .TLG file and then rename .TLG file.
Renaming the .TLG file and also .ND Extensions - Screenshot
  • Rename .TLG file to .TLG. OLD.
  • Finally open your QuickBooks Company File.

Solution 3: Move Your Company file to another location

Move Your Company file to another location - Screenshot

If you’re not able to start your QuickBooks company file after following the solution 2, then try to move it to another place and start it. If a host connection is being used by you, then try to copy that file from the computer and open it.

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Solution 4: Use the Auto data recovery function

Auto data recovery 2- Screenshot

Restore the .ADR copy of this file and see whether it works or not. There’s a probability that the file is corrupt and this may solve QuickBooks error code 6123, 0. To get in-depth knowledge about QuickBooks auto data recovery click on the link.

Solution 5: Disable the System Security programs

Important: If you are using McAfee security software the this may be the reason behind to error 6123 in QuickBooks. Follow the below given steps to resolve this error:

Disable the System Security programs - Screenshot

Most of the times your antivirus program interferes with the company file and treat them as a malware or virus. Due to this reason the user may not have the ability to open its own QuickBooks company file. In that situation you need to disable the QuickBooks application and then open the company file. Sometimes this step automatically resolves the error code 6123, 0.

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Solution 6: Reinstall the QuickBooks application

Important: You should have your Product and license info before proceeding to this step.

  • To execute this method you need to uninstall the currently running QuickBooks from the “Control Panel” tab.
Uninstall and reinstall QuickBooks - Screenshot
Enter QuickBooks Product ID and License Number - Screenshot
  • Once you enter these credentials your QuickBooks will be registered and activate to use.
  • Now try to Open your company file.

Solution 7: Create a New windows user

There might be a risk your current Windows User Login is corrupted. To fix the problem you need to create a new windows user.

Follow the steps to create new user:

  • Firstly, Open the “Control Panel” tab.
  • Select the “Create New User Choice” option in the “User” icon.
Create a new Windows Admin User - Screenshot
  • After that choose the Administrator for user type.
  • Log out from the existing
  • After that Restart your computer and Login utilizing new user credentials.
  • Move your company file to the desktop
  • And finally Open QuickBooks and try to access to the company file.

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Solution 8: Set proper folder permissions

Set proper folder permissions - Screenshot

The user user needs go to the folder that contains the QuickBooks desktop company file, on the host computer. It must allow complete control to the users, including the QuickBooks database server manager user,

Solution 9: Removing characters from the file name

The user needs to ensure that the company file name is:

  • 30 Characters or less
  • Or should not have any special characters or spaces

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Solution 10: Downloading and using Quick Fix my Program

The user needs to download the QuickBooks tool hub and then user the Quick Fix my Program. The steps involved here are as follows:

  • Close QuickBooks initially
  • And then, download the recent version of QuickBooks tool hub and also save the file where it can be accessed easily
  • After that, open the file downloaded above
  • Followed by, carrying out the onscreen steps to install and also agree to the license agreement
  • The user is then required to double click the icon on the windows desktop to open the tool hub
QuickBooks Tool Hub - Logo
  • Now, in the QuickBooks tool hub, select program problems
  • And then select the quick fix my program. It might take about a minute to run. In case the user is having multiple versions of QuickBooks, then it might take some time.
Program Problems tab in QuickBooks Tool Hub - Screenshot
  • After the process completes, open QB and verify that the issue is fixed

Solution 11: Restoring the company file

  • The user needs to move the backup file to the local hard drive. And avoid opening them from an online storage folder or remove drive
  • After that, carry out the necessary steps to restore the company file from a backup

In case the error 6123, 0 is seen while restoring a backup .qbb on a new system

In such a case, the user can create a portable company file. The steps to be followed are as follows:

  • Initially, the user needs to open QuickBooks desktop on the same system that he/she used to create the backup of the company file
  • And then, open the original company file as usual
  • After that, the user needs to create a portable copy of the company file
  • The next step is to open QuickBooks desktop on the new system
  • And lastly, the user needs to restore the company file using portable copy instead of the backup

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To Wrap it Up!

I hope the above given steps are helpful for you and you are able to resolve your QuickBooks error 6123, 0. In case, you need assistance from the QuickBooks enterprise support or need free consultation, you can contact with our Certified ProAdvisors and technicians team immediately by dialing toll-free number i.e. 1(844)521-0490.


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