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Experiencing QuickBooks backup error 2277 and don’t know the right process to get rid of it? This article includes the major causes of the backup error along with the ideal solutions to implement. Thus, the user is recommended to read this article till the end. As the name suggests, QuickBooks backup error 2277 can be experienced when creating the backup of the company file. Such an error can result in incomplete or unsuccessful backup of the files. It makes the system sluggish and also freezes for a couple of seconds or the instrument turns into unresponsive. As a result of such an error, there are chances for the data files or the software to get damaged.

Reading this article till the end can assist in fixing the QuickBooks backup error 2277 successfully. However, if the user wishes to get the issue resolved by some professional, then contacting our support team is recommended. The user can call us using our toll-free number i.e., 1-844-521-0490 and ask the professionals to fix the issue from its root cause.

Factors causing QuickBooks backup error 2277

There can be a couple of factors causing such an error, which include the following:

  • If the backup of the files is incomplete or unsuccessful, then it can bring up such an error on the screen.
  • The user can end up in such an error if there is corrupted or damaged QuickBooks company files or the software itself.

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Methods to follow to fix QuickBooks backup error 2277

Below stated steps and procedures can be followed to successfully get rid of the QuickBooks error code 2277:

Method 1: Cleaning the internet explorer cache, cookies, SSL state, and temporary files

  • The very first step is to open the internet explorer.
  • And then move to the tools menu and also click on the internet options.
  • The user should now move to the general tab and also click on delete which will be seen under the browsing history tabs.
  • Once done with that, check the following boxes: temporary internet files and website files, cookies and website data, history, form data and in private filtering.
Clean up the History and Cache - Screenshot
  • The user should then uncheck the preserve favorites and website data box.
  • Moving ahead, the user should select the delete tab to clear the items.
  • And move to the content tab.
  • Lastly, select clear SSL state and also click on ok tab.
Clearing the Internet SSL state - Screenshot

Method 2: Add trusted sites

  • At first, the user should open the internet explorer and move to the tools menu.
  • Heading forward, the user should select the internet options.
  • Once done with that, the user will simply have to locate the security tab and when done with locating, the user should uncheck the enable protected mode box.
  • Choose the trusted sites and also click on sites.
Add intuit as trusted sites-screenshot
  • And then, uncheck the require server verification for all the sites in this zone box.
  • After that, add backup.com and intuit.net and click on close option.
  • Once done with that move to the privacy tab and also choose sites.
  • The next step is to add the websites in the address of the website box quickbooks.com and intuit.com.
  • Moving forward, the user should now select the allow tab each time when adding the web address.
  • Click on OK tab and you are done.

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Method 3: Enter the windows firewall ports

configure firewall- screenshot
  • In this process, the user should first open the control panel and visit the system and security section.
  • After that, move to the windows firewall and also the advanced settings.
  • Once done with that choose the inbound rules option from the advanced settings window.
  • Also, click on the new rules option from the right side of the same window.
  • And then enter the ports and then click on next tab.
    • Incoming port 80
    • Outgoing ports 443, 16841
  • The last step is to perform the same steps for outbound rules.

Method 4: Running intuit data protect diagnostic tool

Open Intuit Data Protect - Screenshot
  • The very first step is to right click the intuit data protect icon located at the bottom.
  • And then, click on about intuit data protect option.
  • The user should press ctrl + F2 keys to launch the IDP tool.
  • Also, look for the run diagnostics option and also choose the same.
  • There is a need to reconfigure the software and the hardware in order to permit access to the IDP files.
  • In case the tool is able to detect the issue with the firewall or a third party security software, then it is suggested to check the manufacturer’s website, as it will help the user to gather the information regrading configuration.
  • Once done with that, the user should add the files for exceptions from the folder “C:\Program Files(X86)\Common Files\Intuit\Data Protect.
    • IntuitDataPortect.exe.
    • IbuEnghost.exe.
    • QBIDPServices.exe.

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Winding up

Coming to the end of this article, we expect that the reader might be able to successfully fix the QuickBooks error code 2277. In case the error continues for some reason or if the user is having any query, then contacting our QuickBooks support team at 1-844-521-0490 is recommended. Our team professionals will be more than happy to help you.


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