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Here is how you can troubleshoot QuickBooks error 179 as a pro

QuickBooks is a magnificent accounting software that is used by a plethora of institutions throughout the globe. But despite it being user-friendly and modern, many times its users receive errors and glitches. Created by Intuit, QuickBooks is used by not only small but also medium-sized organizations as it offers a perfect blend of features and tools that make the accounting process easier for business enterprises of all sorts and sizes.

Due to regular updates and enhanced features introduced by the company organizing the software, users come across functional as well as technical issues. One such issue is QuickBooks banking error 179. So, in this article, we are going to discuss about the QuickBooks Error Code 179, its causes, and also possible solutions for the issue as well.

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What is QuickBooks Error Code 179?

Error code 179 occurs when a user is trying to log in to a bank’s site. Due to which, a user might have to face serious issues related to bank transactions and website crashes, etc. Also, when this error occurs, QuickBooks Desktop does not allow the bank to receive any form of data, locking the website entirely. Since this issue is quite a big problem as organizations have to make transactions as well as check up on balance several times a day, it becomes a great bother. But, it can be fixed with some technical aid.

What are the reasons causing QuickBooks error code 179?

There might be several reasons behind to occurring QuickBooks Error Code 179. That is why here is a list of all the possible causes that might have resulted in the occurrence of this error:

  • Critical errors while using QuickBooks desktop
  • Missing transactions within the database.
  • Company file missing from the host system
  • Bills, invoices or any sort of Discrepancies on reports posting in negative values
  • Listing omits Name or data regarding the user
  • Balance sheet carrying outdated date for the user’s account

Any of these can be the cause behind the common QuickBooks Error Code 179. Though, the list of factors causing this error is not limited to these issues. So, in case you do not find any of the factors mentioned above while going through your QuickBooks, then you should consider contacting QuickBooks technical support team.

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How to fix QuickBooks Error Code 179?

For those who were able to find factors that were mentioned above in their computer systems, the following are some of the most ineffective methods using which you will be able to fix QuickBooks Error code 179.

Solution 1: Clear multiple browser logins

The very first solution for resolving QuickBooks error 179 is to clear multiple browser logins. This involves a couple of steps, which we have discussed below:

  • For this, the user will have to make sure that they have signed out from their bank’s website in any other browser window.
  • Make sure that no one else is signed into the bank with the same user information with which you are attempting the sign. in case someone else is using the same information, ask that person to sign out from the website.
  • Enter the bank login details bank in your QuickBooks Desktop and access the bank’s website.

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Solution 2: Clear Browsing data

The user clear the browsing data or history, as many times it becomes the reason behind causing such an error. The steps to be followed here are:

  • Start with opening chrome on your system
  • Go to Settings and then click on more which is placed at the above right section of the menu.
  • Click on More Tools and then Erase the Browsing Data
  • In case a menu appears with multiple options and factors to clear data for then select all the factors that save browsing data such as cache, cookies, etc.
  • Once all the boxes are checked, click on the Clear Browsing data button
Clear Browsing data - Screenshot
  • Try logging into the bank’s website again with the user information.

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Solution 3: Export QuickBooks Desktop backup key

Another method that the user is recommended to carry out is to export QuickBooks desktop Backup key. The steps to be followed here are:

  • Click on the Start button. In the search box type “command,” press and hold, shift and CTRL key, and press the Enter Key
  • A prompted dialogue box will appear, click on Yes
  • Type “Regedit” in the black box and hit Enter key.
  • Registry Editor will pop up, here select the Error 179, go to Menu and choose the Export option
Create a Registry Backup - Screenshot
  • Choose a QuickBooks Pro backup key from your system by selecting the folder.
  • Click on the OK button, and this will update the registry key with an older version of QuickBooks desktop.
  • Visit your Internet Browser, enter all the required information again and visit your bank’s website.

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Solution 4: Logging out from online banking account

The steps involved in this particular process are as follows:

  • The very first step is to sign out of the bank website, from all the computer systems
  • And then, make sure to check that no one is using the same credentials to log in
  • The last step is to log in to the bank website as an admin

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Solution 5: Updating the financial institution

The last method that one can opt for is to update the financial institution. The steps to be followed by updating the Bank account or information are as follows:

  • For this, the user needs to open the tools and then select online center
  • And then, in the financial institution list and then select the financial institution that you need to update
  • Followed by, pressing and holding the Ctrl + F3 keys
  • The user is then required to select the contact info at the top of the online center
  • And then, choose the financial institution that needs to be updated and press refresh
  • Also, list the profile and branding information under the current status as needs updating
  • Followed by, pressing OK key and then select update/send
  • The user needs to type in the password only if needed
  • Now, click on b and then try to update the system
  • The last step is to check if the error has been resolved or not

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Solution 6: Access the QBWin.log in Windows

  • Go to the location of QBWin.log using File explorer.
  • Location: C:\Users\YOUR USER NAME\AppData\Local\Intuit\QuickBooks\log\XX.X\QBWin.log
  • In this path, XX.X represents your version of QuickBooks Desktop.

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All the above-mentioned solutions are to be performed in an orderly manner to fix QuickBooks error code 179. We hope you find this post helpful in recognizing, fixing and avoiding this nagging error.

Also, in case the problem still stays or you receive any other QB related issue, you can always contact our QuickBooks enterprise support team at 1-844-521-0490 for guidance.


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