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Learn how you can fix QuickBooks Point of Sale Error 100060 on your own

QuickBooks Point of Sale is one of the most advanced accounting tools developed and sold by Intuit. The software caters to small and mid-sized businesses and enables them to perform a wide variety of financial, accounting and bookkeeping tasks with ease. The best part about the software is that it’s provided with new features and tools every year. While the makers of QuickBooks keep trying to pay errors and issues at bay, like any other computer software QuickBooks too receives some errors.

Among the most common QuickBooks Errors, QuickBooks Point of Sale Error 100060 is one been reported by many of the users. Typically, this error shows up while performing financial exchanges on the software. If you have received Error 100060, read on this post to learn about all the possible causes and solutions of this error. Or you can also get in touch with our support team via our toll-free number i.e. 1(844)521-0490 Speaking with our support team will help the users to get rid of the issue in no time.

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What is QuickBooks Error code 100060?

QuickBooks Point of sale error 100060 comes up on the screen with an error message stating:

Error 100060: QuickBooks POS could not create some necessary accounts in your QuickBooks Financial Software

This error message is seen when the user tries to run a financial exchange for the very first time in an account using QuickBooks POS. This error is also seen when the required accounts can’t be created and the error occur when the user tries to run a financial exchange, the first time for an account. There can be a plenty of factors that might lead to this kind of error, which we will be discussed later in the post.

What are the reasons behind QuickBooks Error 100060?

The occurrence of this error denotes that some compulsory accounts could not be created. Besides, here are the most common reasons you receive QuickBooks POS Error 100060:

  • The account you wish to work on has already been activated in the QuickBooks POS at the time of the first financial transaction.
  • The user currently logged into the QuickBooks and is not having the admin issues. In such a scenario, the user might face the error code 100060

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Troubleshooting steps for QuickBooks Error code 100060

Now that you have learnt about various facts related to QuickBooks error code 100060, it is time to find out the rectification steps to the same. To resolve the error you have to follow the below given steps:

Condition 1: If the account you wish to work on has already been activated in the QuickBooks Point of sale at the time of the first financial transaction

  • Click on the QuickBooks icon on your computer’s desktop
  • Open Edit select Preferences and then select Accounting
  • Open Company Preferences and uncheck the checkbox before Use account numbers option
  • Hit OK button.
  • Work on a Financial Exchange
  • Back to QuickBooks, open Edit and then Preferences over to Accounting
  • Tap on Company Preferences and click to check the Use account numbers checkbox to reactivate the account number
  • Hit OK button.

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Condition 2: If you do not have admin rights on the computer

  • Go to QB Point of Sale Preferences and click on Cancel option
  • Select File in QuickBooks and then close company/logoff
  • Tap on the option Open on the No Company Open Screen
no company open message - screenshot
  • Log in to the QB company file with admin rights and select Window and click Close All.
  • Go back to QB POS and select the particular File and then choose Preferences as Company.
  • Select Accounts in the financial preference head and select all accounts under the Basic tab and the Advanced option shall contain no brackets.

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Condition 3: If any of the accounts still contains brackets and you are unable to find the particular account in the drop-down list, create the Account in QuickBooks

  • Open QuickBooks and select Lists
  • Next, select Chart of Accounts
  • Click on the Account at the lower left-hand side of the computer screen and choose New
  • Select a proper Account type and give the Account a name and fill all the necessary fields
  • Click OK and Close the Charts of Account

Go to QuickBooks Point of Sale and close and reopen the Company Preferences window and select basic as well as advanced Accountings checking. Make sure that no bracket is included in the account name.

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Looking for further information or help?

You are most likely to be able to fix QuickBooks POS Error 100060 after performing the above-mentioned troubleshooting steps. In case the issue persists or reappears, you can contact our certified QuickBooks enterprise technical support team at +1-844-521-0490 for quick and precise accounting solutions. Our team of experts and certified professionals will be happy to help you.


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