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Here is 4 Proven Ways to fix QuickBooks Error 99001 like a pro

QuickBooks is one of the most popular accounting software programs that a plethora of businesses use. This is one of the reasons why, Intuit, the team behind QuickBooks always get the best updates and features for its users. These updates are the backbone of the software and sometimes damaged files cause different types of errors. One such error which has caused several problems for the users is QuickBooks Error code 99001.

In this article, we are going to offer you the perfect insight about factors such as, what is error – 99001, how this error appears, the cause of this error code, and how to resolve this QuickBooks error 99001. So, without further ado, let’s get started. However you can take help from our QuickBooks enterprise support team at +1-844-521-0490 to save your valuable time and efforts.

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What is QuickBooks Error 99001?

Just like most of the error presented by QuickBooks Desktop, 99001 is also a company file-based error. This means that you will come across one of the following symptoms when you open a company file in QuickBooks:

  • When a user opens a company file, all the active windows are crashed and an error message appears on the screen
  • Error 99001 causes the operating system to crash in an often frequent manner
  • Every once in a while you face issues of Operating System freezing up for no apparent reason and then return to normal
  • A dialogue box addressing the error comes up on the screen.

How does QuickBooks Error 99001 appears?

As we have mentioned earlier, there are times when you face an error message on your computer screen. So, here is the message which you will get when QuickBooks Error 99001 happens –

‘QuickBooks is unable to open this company file. It may have been opened by another user. Error: 99001 QuickBooks is unable to open your company file’

QuickBooks Error code 99001 - Screenshot

So, if you are facing this error message then do not worry as we are going to help you to get rid of this issue.

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What causes QuickBooks Error 99001 on your system?

Most of the QuickBooks errors are caused due to several reasons. This is why there is no definite reason as to why QuickBooks Error 99001 occurs. So, here are some of the causes that users commonly come across:

  • The file which you are trying to get the access on your system is in a read-only network folder
  • You are connected to a host computer via remote access software and they are still going through the file or have not logged off yet.
  • Some other system on the server is accessing the file that you want to open in a single user mode.
  • The required file is stored in a shared folder on a Linux server which requires multiple sets of login credentials for the sign in.

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Steps to fix QuickBooks Error 99001 (QuickBooks is unable to open this company file)

So, as now you know what this error is and also the causes of it, here are some of the methods that you can follow in order to fix QuickBooks Error 99001. These solutions are easy to follow and do not consume much time. So, even if one of the methods do not fix the error, try to use others and you will get the issue under control.

Also, if the problem still continues even after you are gone through all the mentioned methods, then make sure to contact Customer care.

Method 1: Use QuickBooks File Doctor

QuickBooks File Doctor - Screenshot

One of the easiest solutions for QuickBooks Errors is to download and run the QuickBooks File Doctor.

Step 1: Download QuickBooks File Doctor on your operating system

Step 2: Install the setup

Step 3: Run QuickBooks File Doctor tool

QuickBooks file doctor icon - Screenshot

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Step 4: This might take a few minutes, but if the tool fails to launch, then in that case the user will have to launch the file manually

Step 5: After that, choose the company file from the drop down menu in the tool. And if the user is unable to find it, then it is recommended to select the browse tab

Step 6: The user needs to check the file option and also hit continue tab

QuickBooks File Doctor - Check Damage File (Screenshot)

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Step 7: By the end, the user needs to enter the admin password and hit next

Steps to use File doctor tool - Screenshot

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Method 2: Manually resolve the issue

Case 1: If File is open on another workstation in Single user mode

Step 1: Close all the active windows on QuickBooks desktop in all the systems in the workstation.

Step 2: Initiate the company file from the Host Computer.

Step 3: In QuickBooks Desktop, go to the File Menu and switch Single User-Mode to Multi-User Mode.

Switch to Multi-User Mode - Screenshot

Step 4: Reboot the Workstation.

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Case 2: If File is in a read-only Network Folder

Step 1: Check for the system which is hosting the company file, search for the folder where it is saved and open it

Step 2: Open the Properties of the folder in which the company file is stored

Step 3: Go to the Security Tab and select the user’s account which is facing the issue of logging in

Step 4: Click on Edit and Allow full control of the hosting computer

Allow full control - Screenshot

Step 5: Click Apply and press the OK button to save the changes.

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Case 3: Closing the Remote Access

Step 1: Move the mouse pointer to the Taskbar and right-click on it

Step 2: Select Task Manager and Go to the Process Tab.

Close every running QuickBooks tasks - Screenshot

Step 3: Check whether the file you are trying to open is already in process or not.

Step 4: If the file is already running under the user then restart the computer.

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Case 4: If the company file is open in Single user mode on the host system

Step 1: In such case, the user is recommended to visit the file menu, and then select the close company option.

Step 2: The next step is to re-open the company file and then move to the file menu, followed by selecting the open or restore company option.

no company open message - screenshot

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Step 3: Once done with that, the user is recommended to click on the open a company file option and hit next.

Step 4: After that click on your company file.

Step 5: And the last step is to open the file in multi-user mode, by hitting open.

Winding up!

We hope that you are able to fix QuickBooks Error code 99001 and resume working after going through this post. If you have any question or you require assistance, you can dial our toll free number i.e. 1(844)521-0490 and speak to our certified accounting experts.


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