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Bumped into QuickBooks error code 6007 and can’t come up with an ideal solution? Well, in that case, we have a solution for you. You can go through this segment to learn the steps involved in chucking off this error from its root cause. This particular error is also termed as QuickBooks sync manager issue. One of the major reasons that one should immediately get on to fixing such an error is that it can harm the data files if left unnoticed. You might come across this issue if you have damaged file or missing program in the system. Such an error is seen with an error message that says:

Error 6007: There was an error while connecting to the company file: QuickBooks is in single user mode”. 

To get a better insight make sure to go ahead with this segment with full concentration. Or connect with our team using our support number i.e., 1-844-521-0490.

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Causes of QuickBooks error 6007

The user can end up in such an error due to the two basic factors:

  • One of the reasons can be if there are missing programs in the system
  • Another cause can be damaged company file

Signs and symptoms of QuickBooks error 6007

The list of signs and symptoms of QuickBooks error 6007 isn’t huge. These signs include the following:

  • You might be able to spot the issue, if it stops you from accessing the company file
  • Also, if the user isn’t allowed to access the company records

Important points to remember

Before you head forward with the error fixation, it is important to keep certain pointers in mind. These pointers include the following:

  • The user is supposed to ensure that the QuickBooks software is updated to the latest maintenance release. This might not resolve the issue, but would surely streamline the troubleshooting process
  • The user will also have to create a backup of the company file, so as to recover it in case of data-disruption
  • Also, it is important to check, whether there is stable internet connection or not

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Steps to perform to chuck off QuickBooks error 6007

You can perform the below steps, so as to rectify the QuickBooks error 6007. Let us explore further:

  • Start off with logging in to the system as an admin
Logging in the system with admin credentials - Screenshot
  • Furthermore, check if the company file kept open in any other system in single user mode or not
  • You now have to ensure that the installed version of sync manager in the system is updated to the latest QuickBooks version
  • Later on, reset the sync manager through the steps below:
    • You need to first open the help menu and then move to the manage data sync, and further click on reset tab and hit ok once again
  • You need to log into QuickBooks with the user id and password
  • You further have to allow the sync manager to complete the first sync
  • And you are good to go.

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Once you are thorough with the QuickBooks error code 6007, it will be a little easy for you to tackle out this error. However, if you have any query, comments or concerns, you can reach out to QuickBooks desktop support team by dialing 1-844-521-0490. We will be more happy to help you.


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