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Get the easy hacks to resolve the QuickBooks error 6000 83

No doubt that within the last few years QuickBooks has gained immense popularity among medium and small-sized businesses. It is known to have brought a vast change in the accounting industry. Right from handling the inventories to managing finances this application does it all. Though the QB users are highly benefited through this software, but at times they do face few errors.

Some of the issues can be handled easily through the articles available on the internet, while for few others, the users might require expert guidance. One such commonly reported error is QuickBooks error code 6000, 83 that happens when users try to open, backup or restore any company file. Whenever, the users access the company file they get a prompt with this error message on the screen. These kind of errors are probable to occur due to inadequate permissions to the specified folder. In order to access QuickBooks in a multi-user mode, the user is required to have proper access and rights to the folder.

There are multiple facts associated with this error, which will be discussed later in the post. However, if you are looking for a team of experts, who can assist you in fixing the issue, then make a call at our toll-free number i.e. +1-844-521-0490, and our technically sound professionals will be there at your service.

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What is QuickBooks Error code 6000, -83?

QuickBooks error code -6000, -83 falls under the category of QuickBooks company file 6000 error series. The 6000 series error might cause a severe damage to the company file and also to the system. These errors appear on the screen accompanied with two to four digits at the end. The error code -6000, -83 comes up with an error message stating:

An error occurred when QuickBooks tries to access the company file. Please try again. If the problem persists, contact Intuit technical support and provide them with the following error codes: (-6000, -83)

QuickBooks error 6000 83 - Screenshot

This error code might hamper the system and company file at large. And as it is a matter concerned with the company file that contains essential data, it is recommended to fix them as soon as possible, in order to avoid any further mess. The factors causing this error can be multiple, a few of the most common ones can be found below.

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Reasons of QuickBooks Error 6000, 83

This error normally occurs when QuickBooks tried to access your company file. Checkout the causes behind to this error:

  • Missing QuickBooks files
  • Insufficient permissions for the network server
  • Insufficient permissions of Windows users.
  • Permissions for QBDataServiceUserXX are insufficient
  • Converting of QuickBooks company file from the previous version over a network.
  • The QB files are being blocked by a firewall or any other security application
  • Damaged shared file or company file.
  • Qbm or qbw.adr be the file extension.
    • The hosting mode is open in more than one computer.
    • The Windows version is not US or the Canadian version. The Regional Language settings have been set to other than English Language.

Symptoms of QuickBooks error code 6000 83

  • You will see the error message as “QuickBooks error code 6000 83” on your desktop screen.
  • QuickBooks has stopped working error may appear.
  • Your system will freeze repeatedly.
  • Your system will not respond and stuck with a black screen.

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Methods to troubleshoot QuickBooks Error 6000 83

Well, now that you have explored the meaning, causes, as well as the symptoms of error -6000, -83, it is time to fix the issue. There are a few of the easy ways to fix QuickBooks Error Code 6000 83 like a pro. Let us check out each of them one by one:

Method 1: Run QuickBooks File Doctor tool

QuickBooks file doctor icon - Screenshot

Download the QB File Doctor tool from the Intuit website and then run it and check if the error is resolved or not. The user can either download QuickBooks tools hub and then open up QuickBooks file doctor tool or can download it directly from the Intuit’s website. The steps involved in accessing it from QB tools hub are as follows:

QuickBooks file doctor-screenshot
  • After downloading and installing QuickBooks tools hub, the user is required to select the company file issues tab.
  • And then choose the run QuickBooks file doctor option. It might take a few minutes to open the tool.
  • After that, in the QB file doctor tool, the user is required to click on the company file option from the drop down menu. In case, the user is unable to spot the company file, select Browse and search to spot the file.
  • Once done with that, the user needs to select check your file option, and then hit continue.
  • Towards the end of the process, the user needs to enter the admin credentials and then hit next.
  • It should be noted that the scan time depends on the size of the file. In majority of the cases, it might take around 5 minutes, The user can open the company file, once the scan finishes. This would resolve the issue.

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Method 2: Turn off the hosting mode on all user’s system

In case the company files are hosted over a network, the user is required to ensure that the host multi-user access option is turned off. The server system should be the only one to host the files. The steps involved in this process are as follows:

  • The very first step in this process is to open QuickBooks on one of the workstations.
  • And then, avoid opening the company file. Instead of that, the user is recommended to select the file menu and then hover over the utilities option.
Naviagate Utilities Option - Screenshot
  • The next step is to avoid select host multi-user access option, if visible. And then move to the next workstation, as this one isn’t causing the error.
Host multi-user access - Screen shot

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  • Whereas, if the user can see the stop hosting multi-user access as the option, then click on it.
Stop Hosting Multi-User Access - Screenshot
  • And to end the process, the user needs to repeat the same steps on other workstations.

Note: You need to repeat these steps on all of your workstations.

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Method 3: Check your backup filename

You need to ensure that there aren’t symbols, special characters, or spaces in your backup company filename or the folder holding it.

  • Firstly open the Windows Start menu.
  • After that type File Explorer into the search option and then open File Explorer option.
  • Now search and open the folder that have the company file.
  • Hit a right-click on the file that have .qbb extensions at the end of the file
  • Now choose Rename option.
  • You need to delete any special characters, symbols, or spaces from the filename.
  • Hit a right-click on the folder that is holding the QBB file and then choose Rename option.
  • Now delete any special characters, symbols, or spaces here.
  • Finally restore your company file.

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Method 4: Edit the Windows Hosts file

Edit the Host Files - Screenshot

You need administrator access to the server and computers that connect to it, so that you can edit Windows hosts file.

In case, the company file is stored on a Linux Server and QuickBooks error 6000 83 occurs when you make attempts to open the file then try the below mentioned solutions:

Step 1: Configure the Linux Database Server Manager

  • First configure the Linux Database Server Manager to specify the directory in the Initord.config file. Once the directory is specified, on the Windows client restart the QuickBooks Enterprise Solution application and then ping the server
  • Now edit the hosts file.

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Step 2: Configure your host file

The QuickBooks error -6000, -83 appeared when you were creating a backup, then in that case follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Make a new folder on the root of the C drive.
  • Manually backup your company file and then save it in the new folder created in the step above.
  • On one of the systems connected to the network, the user is required to open the windows start menu.
  • And then, type in CMD into the search bar and then open command.
  • The next step is to type “Ping[Name of your Linux server]” in the window and then press Enter key.
Edit the Host File in QuickBooks - Screenshot
  • After that write down the server name and then the IP address.
Ping your server from a workstation - Screenshot

The user is then required to edit the host files. Also, ensure that all the systems connected to the server have the correct IP address and linux server name. And start with the system that faced the issue.

  • The user is supposed to close the QuickBooks on all the systems connected to the network. And then move to the file menu and opt for Quit QuickBooks desktop option.
  • After that, the user will have to open the windows start menu.
  • Followed by typing in the file explorer into the search and open the file explorer.
  • Once done with that, choose my computer tab from the navigation bar, which can also be stated as THIS PC at times.
  • Now, open the C: Drive, and then open windows folder.
  • The user is then required to find the system32 folder, and open the drivers folder, along with that ETC folder.
  • The next step is to right click the file called C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts. Also, click on the open with and then the notepad.
  • After that move to the bottom of the file. Add the Linux server IP address to the end of the text. Followed by pressing the Tab key and adding the Linux server name. The point to be noted here is that the Linux systems file are case sensitive. The user needs to ensure to enter name with the correct case.
  • To end the process choose the file and then hit save, and end it by closing the Notepad.

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Step 3: Restoring the company files

In case you were restoring the company files when the error code -6000,-83 occurred and try out the following solutions:

  1. Verify the extension of the company file

You have to check if the restored company file has qbw extension. In case a file with adr or qbm extension is made after running the backup process, then you have to modify the file extension to qbw.

  1. Make sure that there are no problems with the company file.

Note: Special characters like dollar sign, and quotation mark etc shouldn’t be in the file and also the file path shouldn’t be very long.

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Method 5: Manually resolve Error 6000, 83

In case, File Doctor is not able to run successfully on your computer then you have to manually fix the QuickBooks error code 6000 83. Below are the steps to be followed:

  1. Update QuickBooks to the latest release
  2. Now modify the settings of your firewall software so that QuickBooks files can be easily accessed over the internet.
  3. Now Edit the permissions if needed so as to be able to easily share the company files
  4. You have to verify the hosting mode on the server computer with QuickBooks Database Server Manager. For other PC’s the hosting should be off
  5. On the Server under the Task Manager ensure that QBDBMgrN.exe is present in the list. Also check if the value in the user name column in the QBDBNgrn.exe row is correct.
  6. Open the QB company file in the computer that is serving as the host. Now copy the files to your Windows desktop. After this open QB Desktop and then open the company file that are copied on your desktop. If the error is still not resolved then probably the company file is damaged. You can fix this by restoring the backup of the company file by using QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery to get back the data or by sending the file to Intuit’s data recovery system.
  7. If the company files get opened without the error then you have to copy the company files back to their original location. And before you copy back the files from the desktop they need to be renamed in the original location. Ensure that that you haven’t pasted over the company file in the original location.
  8. After this you have to open QuickBooks and then open the company file to check if the error is still appearing.

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Conclusive words..!

In case the backup has to be restored on a network location then you need to restore to the PC. After this you have to copy the company file that you have restored in your PC to the Network location. Once done, open the file and now you will be able to see if the QuickBooks error 6000, 83 is fixed or not.

All these solutions are easily doable. But still if you require assistance than trained QuickBooks enterprise support experts are always available to guide you.


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