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Struggling through the QuickBooks error Code 1926? Well, this common error can be often when the user doesn’t have enough rights for specific folders. The QuickBooks stores the company data securely and thus not every user has privileges to modify files or folders. The user can end up in such an error when the user doesn’t have enough access to specific folders.

To get a better insight of QuickBooks error 1926 and its fixation steps, we suggest you to go through this article carefully. Or feel free to reach out to our accounting experts. Our experts and certified professionals will ensure to come up with the most relevant solution.

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What causes QuickBooks error code 1926?

The user can end up in such an error due to the following reasons:

  • One of the most common reasons can be if the QuickBooks file is saved in a secure area, such as the root of drive C or program files on a windows PC.
  • Another reason can be if the file is stored in a password protected area.
  • Also, if the folder having the company file is damaged.
  • Or if the user is unable to access files due to insufficient permissions.

Methods to fix the QuickBooks error code 1926

The user can perform the below stated steps to fix the QuickBooks error code 1926:

Method 1: In the folder check permissions

Allow full control - Screenshot
  • The very first step is to start Microsoft word or notepad
  • Now, in the text field and also put test
  • The user should now store the file in the same directory as the company file
  • After that move to start menu
  • Look for the folder having the company file
  • Choose the properties tab
  • Select the sharing from the drop down men and also click on the share add icon
  • Choose the appropriate QuickBooks data service user
  • Press the full control option
  • Press share tab.

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Method 2: Put the company file in default location

  • The user should check QuickBooks program isn’t running.
  • Find out where the company file is situated
  • After the user finds the company file, the user should click on the same.
  • The user should assure that the QBW file extension is opted
  • Right click the menu bar and also choose the copy choice
  • The user has to return to the default location
  • Choose paste tab

Method 3: Use QuickBooks tool hub program

QuickBooks tool hub program-screenshot
  • The user should first stop QuickBooks and install QuickBooks tool hub
  • Save the file to the system
  • The user will then have to move to the downloads folder and also double click the QuickBooksToolHub.exe file
  • Perform the instructions on the screen
  • Accept the terms and conditions
  • Last step is to open the system and start the QuickBooks tools hub

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Method 4: Create a new folder for the company file

  • At first, the user should create a new folder and right click on the screen and also choose new folder
  • Make sure that the same directory as the others
  • Move to the new folder and choose paste from the right hand menu
  • After the user has moved the corporate file to the new folder, then make sure you set up the folder permissions
  • Open the QuickBooks desktop and also select file from the menu
  • The user will then have to choose the open or restore a company from the drop down menu.
Open or Restore a company file - Screenshot Image
  • Next step is to choose next tab from the drop-down menu
  • The user should then create a new folder and also select the company file
  • At last, the user should open key

Method 5: Select QuickBooks as admin

Logging in the system with admin credentials - Screenshot
  • The user will first have to open the system and shut QuickBooks
  • After that press QuickBooks icon
  • The next step is to right click the item and also select properties tab from the menu bar
  • The user will then have to select the run this software as an admin from the compatibility tab
  • Once done with that, put the setting into effect and press apply tab
  • The last step is to click ok tab

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Winding up!

We summarize this article over here, with the hope that the above stated information might be of some help in getting rid of the QuickBooks error 1926. However, in case of any query, contact our QuickBooks error support team professionals and experts at 1-844-521-0490. Our team will be more than happy to assist you and fix the error for you.


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