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Looking for a guide to fix QuickBooks error code 1014? If yes, then reading this article carefully till the end can be of great help. QuickBooks error code 1014 is basically an issue within the cache. As a result of this, the user might find QuickBooks accounting software consuming much more time in opening the company file. Also, the company files might hang up in the multi-user mode. This issue can be experienced due to corrupted QuickBooks installation, or any sort of malfunction from a virus, deletion of a program. Another reason causing such an error can be damaged windows system files. The windows might run slowly and might also not respond to the inputs. The user might find the system freezing as a result of QuickBooks error 1014.

Considering the need to fix the issue, we have come up with this article, where we will be talking about the steps that are to be performed to successfully fix the QuickBooks error code 1014. However, if the user is looking for some immediate assistance, then in that case contacting our team professionals is recommended.

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Steps to successfully get rid of QuickBooks error 1014

This particular error is seen with an error message that says “Not able to upload your data, possible due to an issue with the company file. Please use verify rebuild option in QuickBooks to fix the issue”. It can be very much annoying for the QuickBooks users, but can be resolved using the steps below:

Method 1: Using manual updates option

  • Checking for available cache in the settings
    • Under this process, the user should open the command prompt and enter the details
    • After that, check the number available
    • And also, if the current settings in the number aren’t modified, then the user should change the description
    • Once done with that, the user should type the correct verification
  • Now change the registry settings
    • The user should save all the files and log out
    • After that open QuickBooks
    • The settings will be restored automatically in windows registry and if needed, the user can make the required changes in the registry upon Consulting an expert
  • The next step is to save the changes in the system
  • And also, choose command prompt
  • The user should now launch the QuickBooks desktop
  • And open the company file, before selecting any option and ensure that the QuickBooks software is updated.

Method 2: Using automatic updates method

  • In this method, the user should select the system server that hosts the company files
  • And then, select the QBW.ini file
  • Also, the user should click on the QBW.ini file
  • After that, add the part with the selected value
  • The user should also save the file.

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Towards the end of this article, we expect that the user might be able to successfully fix the QuickBooks error code 1014. However, if for some reason, the user isn’t able to fix the issue, then in that case contacting our QuickBooks error support team by dialing 1-844-521-0490 is recommended. We are a team of professionals and experts who work round the clock to provide best possible assistance to all users.


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