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Each year, QuickBooks accounting software comes up with new editions and versions offering new features and functionalities to the users. The year 2022 was no exception and Intuit launched the latest version of QuickBooks enterprises i.e., QuickBooks desktop enterprises 2022. In today’s segment, we are going to discuss what all features this new version came with and also what all benefits its offers. This article is available for interested readers to read until the end. Or for any query or for any sort of technical discussion related to the latest version, getting in touch with our QuickBooks support team is recommended. One can contact our professionals at 1(844)521-0490, and our technically sound professionals will ensure to answer all your QuickBooks associated queries immediately.

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QuickBooks Desktop Enterprises 2022: System Requirements

The new versions aren’t often compatible with the old systems and require specific system configurations. So, here are the various requirements for QuickBooks enterprise 22.0 based on the type of access to the software.

For Cloud Access

In case you are looking for cloud access on QuickBooks Desktop Enterprises 2022, then you simply have to connect using the MS Remote Desktop Connection Client. This can be done considering the following system requirements.

For Windows
The remote desktop software should be running Windows 8, Windows 8.1 as well as Windows 10
A connection to the internet (up to 56K, or more above this)
For Mac OS X
Mac OS X version 10.3 or higher
Display 1280×1024 or higher
High-speed Internet or broadband connection.
MS Remote Desktop 10.

For Local Access

In order to use QuickBooks Enterprises solutions 2022 for local access, the below system requirements should be kept in mind.

Operating Systems
Windows 8.1, Windows 10 or the most recent versions
Windows Servers
Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard and Essentials
Windows Server 2016 Standard and Essentials
Server 2019 Standard and Essentials
Minimum 2.4 GHz 
8 GB for 64-bit, and 16 GB (Recommended)
Disk Space
Minimum requirement is 2.5 GB disk space and more for data files
Optical Drive
4X DVD-ROM drive when you are performing CD installation
Internet Explorer 11.
Screen Resolution
1280×1024 screen resolution or greater with up to two extended monitors
Software Integration
Email Estimates, forms for invoices, and other forms using MS Outlook 2013 to 2019, Outlook.com, Gmail, Office 365, and many other email clients with SMTP support as well as QuickBooks POS 19.0 integration.
It is possible to transfer information between MS Excel 2013-2019, Office 365 (32-64 bit), QuickBooks Mac 2016-2022, and Quicken 2016 until 2022.
Microsoft Word and Excel integration require Office 365 or MS Office 2013 to 2019.
Operational Security
The program runs in the favor of customers without storing any information in the servers of Intuit.
PCI certified and PA-DSS annually based on the amount of the application.

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How beneficial is QuickBooks Enterprises 2022?

Talking about the benefits of the software, following is the list of benefits that it caters to.

  • Data Recovery – In certain cases, when the damage is significant and is irreparable or the size of the file is too much, this is when the software version is quite helpful.
  •  Data File Optimization – Another benefit is that one can optimize the file size by eliminating the audit trail for historical transactions and some tables from the datable that aren’t important can be removed.
  • Applications integrating with bill approval- It should be noted that enterprises is accessible with over 200 apps that can help customize experience. However, it can charge a little extra. Moreover, third-party vendors can offer certain applications and QuickBooks Enterprise Diamond and Platinum subscriptions include the Bill Approval function.
  • Single user license- Another benefit of this software version is that the licenses are available in single user ranging from 1 to 10. And the diamond version offers 40 user licenses.
  • Supports multiple monitors- The QB Enterprises 2022 supports up to three displays, but for hosting it isn’t available.  
  • Easy work on 2 corporate files at the same time- This feature adds to the functionality
  • Paying vendor invoices – In order to pay with a credit card, there are certain extra charges or the alternative fast check expedites and fast ACH services.
  • Fulfilling sales order- This benefit is only available for the diamond subscription and platinum subscriptions.

 Features that come along QuickBooks Desktop Enterprises 2022

The features that come in QuickBooks desktop enterprises 2022 include the following:

  1. Barcode Labels Prices and Scanning: One can now use barcodes to input data quicker and more efficient. After you have assigned barcodes objects, you can scan them at any time you want to purchase (or sell) them.
  1.  Advanced Inventory: The advanced inventory is an add-on tool that permits companies to keep track of, manage and move inventory. One can oversee its inventory processes from one dashboard with this tool and also keep track of your inventory by lot, bin or serial using your mobile or bar code scanning.
  1.  Alternate Vendors Center and Alternate Vendor Reports: The user can now match the products of your vendors on the inventory while using other merchants. This allows quickly evaluating vendors and choosing the best one accordingly.
  1. Advanced Reporting: It is now possible to create customized reports that you can use for your QuickBooks information to build your own report as per specific needs. It eases the process to track business progress.
  1. Advanced Pricing: This is a new subscription option available only for QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise users that automatically updates the price of products displayed on sales forms, based on your specified rules.
  1. Barcode Scanners: It assists in reading the lines of code that have the identification marks that are on your products. The code includes a lot of data encoded within a small space. Barcode also contains information about the stalk within your company.
  1.  Bin Location Tracking: This feature determines the place where inventory items must be stored, which is important for the proper organization of warehouses.
  1. Cycle Count: The cycle count, counts only a small portion of inventory items that are currently available unlike the traditional manual counting. This makes keeping track of inventory easy.
  1. Land Costing: The cost of landing includes everything from the materials used in the manufacturing process to processing cost and calculating this cost manually takes a lot of time. The land costing option helps to calculate this amount included in QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise improves business management and safeguards your profits. However, it is only available for those who subscribe to the Platinum or the Diamond pack.
  1. Express Pick-Pack: This is the last feature that allows complete the order’s pick and pack processes in one action instead of two separate processes. It can be access by the ones with Diamond and Platinum subscriptions.

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Latest Payroll in QuickBooks Enterprises 2022

Following are the features that came in the QuickBooks enterprises payroll 2022. Let us have a look:

  1. QuickBooks Desktop-Assisted Payroll
  2. Next-Day Direct Deposit – If the payroll is processed prior to the time of 5:00 PM PT. it could also be delivered the following business day and further requires bank verification as well as a direct deposit setup. Direct deposit the next day is directly dependent on the eligibility criteria.
  3. On-time and Penalty-free Taxes – The federal and state tax return is the sole responsibility of Intuit to receive direct payments from your account. The payment is made in accordance with the information you provide.
  4. Superior Customer Support – It should be noted that the customer support is available 24/7 and assistance hours do not include the rare occasions due to U.S. holidays, server maintenance, events for companies and many others.
  5. U.S. Based Assistance – Also, the support is available from Monday to Friday, through 6 am until 6 pm PST and the hours of assistance are not inclusive of weekends and other times.
  6. QuickBooks Desktop-Enhanced Payroll

It should be subscription is available within the platinum and Gold subscriptions only.

  • Free Direct Deposits – The direct deposits are free for employees on W-2 with the payroll option provided in the QB Enterprise 22.0 subscription.
  • Money Movement Services – Services for money movement, such as direct deposit, is available through Intuit Payments Inc.
  • Simple Tax Filing and Payments – The filing process requires you to choose the filing method that will process your tax filing.
  • Live Support – One can contact the live support for any kind of help during QuickBooks

Enhanced QuickBooks Time Elite Feature

  • Enterprise Sync:  This feature assists in creating and managing a backup of your QuickBooks data and makes it accessible via the standard software drivers, analytics and database tools.
  • QuickBooks Time Tracker:  This is a cloud-based employee scheduling and time tracking feature that permits the employees to clock into and out of the office with the devices they carry inside their pockets.
  • Time Tracking Tool: This feature lets the employees to track their activity time. One can also choose which client is charged for the billing-related tasks. However, this feature is included in the Diamond basic subscription only. And the monthly costs are billed per employee. The QuickBooks Time helps businesses to track and manage employee time for ease in invoicing, scheduling and payroll services.
  • GPS Tracking: The location information can be provided by the customers. And to enter and track time with QuickBooks Time mobile application, users will have to configure their location settings for “Always”.

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Winding Up!

With this we come to the end of this article, where we hope that the information shared in above might be of some help in learning what all features does QuickBooks desktop enterprises 2022 can offer. However, if there is any query related to the same, or the user needs any of our assistance at any point of time, then contact our QuickBooks support team is recommended. One can give us a call at 1(844)521-0490 and our experts will instantly come up with valid answers to all your queries. We are a team of technically sound QuickBooks professionals working towards providing the best possible solutions to all QuickBooks users immediately.


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