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Every year QuickBooks launches its new edition and version with updated features and functionalities. In the year 2022, QuickBooks Desktop 2022 was launched with a lot new features. In this article, we will be discussing in detail what all features the new QuickBooks Desktop 2022 has rolled in with and how these functions can help you.

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Features launched with QuickBooks desktop 2022

QuickBooks accounting software is packed with features, and this year it has come up with some more exciting features. Here is a list.

Add-on eCommerce integration powered by Webgility

The add on ecommerce feature is available with QuickBooks desktop pro plus, premier plus, accountant plus 2022 and all editions of QuickBooks desktop enterprise 22.0. Addons usually take additional fees.  This can be accessed from the menu bar, by selecting the company and then my company option.

How it helps?

If you are someone with an online storefront presence, this can be great for you. Webgility integrates with QuickBooks, which makes e-commerce management super smooth.It offers three packages: core, classic, and deluxe. And further provides an e-commerce integration with online stores, such a shopify, WooCommerce, big commerce, Magento, and other online marketplaces like ebay, amazon, and Walmart.com. The user also gets an option to add new product listings and also update the inventory management details for their channels.

Discovery hub

You can make use of this feature in QuickBooks desktop pro plus, premier plus, accountant plus 2022 and all editions of desktop enterprise 22.0.

And can be found in the menu bar after opting for discovery hub.

How it helps?

Well, thisis a preview of new features included with the release of QuickBooks desktop plus 2022.

Attaching documents using mobile device

You can find this feature in QuickBooks desktop pro plus, premier plus, accountant plus 2022 and all editions of desktop enterprise 22.0. The QuickBooks desktop is available for android and apple mobile devices.

This feature can be accessed from a mobile device, and by simply logging into the QuickBooks desktop app and opting for a document.

How it helps?

QuickBooks users can snap a picture of a document with the free QuickBooks desktop mobile app, using this feature. They can also scan documents into the QuickBooks desktop attachment center. After that attach these documents or transactions or records.

Payment links for customer pre-payments

QuickBooks desktop pro plus, premier plus, accountant plus 2022 and all editions of Desktop 22.0 with an active QuickBooks payment account can make use of this feature.

It can be accessed from the menu bar byselecting payment links or optionally from the home page and also the payment links.

How it helps?

One can request money from the customer as a deposit for services not yet provided andthere is no need to sens an invoice. One can email the link to customers for them to process the payment without having to receive an invoice. Tracking the payment links sent in QuickBooks is also possible with this particular feature. When the payments are received, the software will record the payment as an unapplied customer credit in the accounts receivable account.

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Customize and email vendor bill payments stubs

QuickBooks desktop pro plus, premier plus, accountant plus 2022, and all editions of QuickBooks desktop enterprise 22.0 offers this feature.

It can be availed from the menu bar and choose lists tab. Lateron go for templates and select bill payment template. Furthermore choose manage from the displayed vendor bill payment transaction on the formatting ribbon. Now, print the newly customized bill payment stub from the payment summary window or from the menu bar choose file and print forms option and also the bill payment stubs.

How it helps?

One can use email customizable bill payment stubs to vendors and also modify the bill payment stub to include their business logo, along with the details of the payment made in QuickBooks.

Pay bills with Melio

QuickBooks desktop pro plus, premier plus, accountant plus 2022 and all editions of desktop enterprise 22.0 come up with this feature and it can be explored in menu bar by opting for vendors, and pay bills. Optionally, from a displayed vendor bill, choose schedule online payment from the top right of the main ribbon.

Make a note of the fact that, if you are paying a vendor bill with a payment type that include a separate processing fee, then the QuickBooks accounting software will create a vendor named Melio. Furthermore, the charges will be added as a vendor bill. The charges are deducted from the funding source, the software will record the fee bill as paid. Or you can also select sync online bill payments from the menu bar to sync these details with the company file

Benefits of using pay bills with Melio

Thisparticular feature can be quite helpful in scheduling vendor payments online from within QuickBooks. Assigning a specific day for the payment to be processed and send isalso possible with this feature of QuickBooks. Moreover, QuickBooks users can go for the option to pay their vendor bills by ACH, debit or credit card.

Onecan decide how the vendor will get the payment, either as deposit in their bank account or as paper check. Animportant point to note is that the vendor payment details are securely recorded with Melio and not in QuickBooks desktop company file. Whenthe payment gets processed, the QuickBooks marks the bill as paid, for visual confirmation.

Instant deposits for QuickBooks account users

Youcan enjoy this feature in QuickBooks desktop pro plus, premier plus, accountant 2021 and desktop enterprise 22.0. Maintenance release 5 and newer with an active QuickBooks payments account.

It can be spotted by selecting customers from the menu bar and optingfor customers and billing solutions, and then head to download payments. There are multiple access points in QuickBooks desktop. The setup needs only debit card details and a one-time verification.

How it helps?

Merchant payments can be deposited into the business bank account. And one can review the instant deposit details and accept the deposit in one step.

64- bit advanced processing power

This particular feature can be used with QuickBooks desktop 2022.

QuickBooks desktop for Mac 2022

The user can enjoy the below features in QuickBooks desktop for Mac 2022:

  • Receipt Management– This feature of QuickBooks desktop Mac plus allows to quickly scan and upload receipts and important data directly from a receipt. The user can also create a new transaction from the receipt info, or QuickBooks can match it to an existing transaction.
  • Collapse Report columns and rows– The user can now have greater control over the reports by collapsing and expanding columns and rows and selecting what info you want to display.
  • Automated statement reminders-The user can use this feature to save time by scheduling the customer statements so they are ready for review before sending them to the customer.
  • Automate customer groups-You can quickly identify and group the customers with rules based on the fields they belong to like the customer type, status, location, as well as balance. After setting the rules, the group auto-updates based on the criteria being set. After that manage the business based on customers with large open balances, central locations, or even specific notes.
  • Export register to excel- Now, one can view the register in an easier format by exporting it simply to excel. The user can flag and note the important transactions
  • Improved bank feeds- The user can now save the time when adding the downloaded bank transactions. Note that, QuickBooks mac plus 2022 includes the intuit categorization services and gives a quick access to auto suggestions.
  • Balance sheet by class-Now, improve the reporting by using classes to view and sort transactions that affect the balance sheet.
  • Gmail integration- This feature allows the user to set Gmail as the default email client in QuickBooks Mac plus and securely send your business emails.
  • Transactions startup stamps- The user can now quickly review the state of saved transactions in QuickBooks Mac plus. The stamps that are available include cleared, paid, pending non-posting, void, closed, past due, and received in full.

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