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New and improved features in QuickBooks Desktop 2020 version

Intuit keeps updating upgrading QuickBooks, which is one of the world’s most extensively used bookkeeping and accounting software. A new release of QuickBooks is introduced every year without exception. Recently, QuickBooks desktop 2020 has been made available for the users. The new version boasts various new features and improvements. And like always QuickBooks continues investing in desktop products and user support. The company has supposedly calculated a 10-year path to creating equilibrium between QB Online and QB Desktop version. Today, you have different versions of QuickBooks that you can choose from depending on its features and services. You can, as per your requirements, choose from different versions of QuickBooks desktop.

This article consists of details about the new and improved features of QuickBooks Desktop 2020. However, if you need any type of help then you can consult with our QuickBooks support team anytime at +1-844-521-0490. Our team will be pleasure to help you in your concerns.

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Features of QuickBooks Desktop Pro, Premier, and Accountant Edition

Below are the newest features of latest QuickBooks desktop version i.e. QuickBooks desktop 2020. Checkout the updated features here:

Get paid faster with scheduled customer payment reminders

Get paid faster - Screenshot

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Included in: QuickBooks Desktop Pro, Premier, Accountant 2020 and Enterprise 20.0

This feature will enable you to create emails to send reminders to your customers to make payments against their invoices. You are free to create different types of mailing lists for different kinds of clients. You can customize messaging and change them depending on how delayed the invoices are. Various reminders can be set based on the total number of days the invoices are due. When you access the QuickBooks file, you will get total control to review the invoices before sending them to your clients. Also, you will know if your client has seen your email and the trail from the final payment.

payment reminders 1- screenshot

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Payment Reminders 2-screenshot
Payment reminders 3- screenshot

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Purchase order number can be the subject line of your email to the client

Purchase order number can be the subject line of your email to the client - Screenshot
Purchase order number can be the subject line of your email to the client 2 - Screenshot

With this new desktop version, you can now put the customer’s purchase order number to the email’s subject line along with attaching the invoice. This will enable your client to easily search and find the email by purchase order and not have to browse through every attachment in your inbox.

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Combining multiple emails

This feature as of now is only accessible to nonpayment customers. Using this feature combine all forms in one email. In order to combines forms, you will have to click the option while composing the email and the subject will read “Transactions from [your company name].” This feature is only available for users of the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada.

Combining multiple emails - Screenshot

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Horizontally collapse columns in job or class reports

Horizontally collapse columns in job or class reports - Screenshot

With this QuickBooks Desktop feature, you can hide/unhide multiple columns in a report. Now, you will not have to export long sluggish reports to MS Excel for customizing columns to be displayed.

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Smart Help

Smart help – improved - Screenshot

If you are working on a QB file, you can access improved smart help. Click the F1 key on your keyboard or select Help and the QuickBooks Desktop Help from the menu bar. The improved smart help will offer you relevant assistance to complete the task in hand. This tool will allow you to access Intuit help content and community content as well as let you request for a call back for support. Enterprise users will furthermore have access to Chat support.

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Easy QuickBooks upgrade

This improved feature will allow you to upgrade to a newer version with ease. You will have access to relatively better pricing if you make your purchase through your local QuickBooks Product expert, which is a QB Solution Provider. QSP’s are specialized in all QB products and help you choose the right product for your requirements and discuss pricing options. They have ad-free options to bring you even less cost for the software, merchant service, payroll, etc.

Easy QuickBooks upgrade - Screenshot

Easy company file search (after an upgrade)

Easy company file search (after an upgrade) - Screenshot

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This new QuickBooks Desktop feature will help you find company file faster. This new and improved feature can save you a significant amount of time and can finally help you be more productive.

Easy company file search (after an upgrade) - Image2 - Screenshot

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Payroll Status for direct deposit

Payroll Status for direct deposit - Screenshot
Payroll Status for direct deposit 2 - Screenshot

You can know the status of direct deposit inside of QuickBooks Desktop 2020 version. Go to Employees and click view payroll run status.

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Employee self-setup (easy payroll setup)

Employee self-setup (easy payroll setup) - Screenshot

This advanced feature will have an option for you to invite employees to update their details, bank details, and tax-related details through a secure link. You will have to add an employee and an invitation email will be sent to them to furnish their payroll details.

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Landed Cost calculation

Landed Cost calculation - Screenshot

Now you can easily calculate landed cost. The real cost of a product sold normally consists of shipping, freight, and other expenses related to the sale of the product. These added cost components can be included in the cost of the item for when it’s sold, you get an accurate margin reporting.

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Alternative vendors

Alternative vendors - Screenshot
Alternative vendors 1 - Screenshot
Alternative vendors 2 - Screenshot

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This new QuickBooks Desktop feature offers a centralized center for you to manage and handle vendor contact and cost data. Using this feature, you can add alternative vendors for item codes. Only Enterprise users in the United States and Canada can avail this feature.

To use this feature, go to Vendor Center and click Items. You can use alternative vendors to assign items to a particular vendor.

While checking a purchase order, you will now have a button to compare vendors and you will be able to select the appropriate option for purchasing by comparing item rates or vendor pricing.

Express pick-pack

Express pick-pack - Screenshot

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This feature will let you assign the picking and packing jobs to the same person that will simplify the process. Go to Customers and select Sales order fulfillment worksheet. You will then have four to manage to deliver the sales order. It will itself go to the correct section ready to assign.

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