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Learn about company file compatibility to avoid issues and errors when you upgrade your QuickBooks Desktop:

Many times, when the QuickBooks user upgrades the software, the company file doesn’t update automatically. This further leads to an error which might appear on screen with an error message stating “This QuickBooks file needs to be updated.” In this particular case, the user needs to update the company file manually. Today, we will be learning about the company file compatibility to avoid issues and errors while upgrading QuickBooks desktop.

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Important terms

Before you jump onto the further discussion, it is better for you to first introduce yourself with some important terminologies.

  • Product: Product here means either QuickBooks desktop, Pro, or Enterprise
  • Version: Version is designated by a year within the product, which includes QuickBooks desktop Pro 2018 is a different version from QuickBooks desktop Pro 2019
  • Edition: Differentiation within premier or enterprise solutions for different business types:
    • General business
    • Accountant
    • Non profit
    • Contractor
    • Professional services
    • Retail
    • Manufacturing and wholesale

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Limitations of company file while upgrading to another product, version, or edition

There are certain limitations that you should know about, which includes the following:


  • The user can open premier company files in Pro and vice versa without changing in the file
  • Also, the user can upgrade Pro and Premier company files to Enterprise solutions, but the user cannot open ES company file Pro or premier


  • IT should be noted that the company file can’t be opened in another region’s QuickBooks desktop version. To explain it better, let us take an example that the user will get message “This file was not created with a US version of QuickBooks.”, when he/she tries to open a company file that was created in a QuickBooks Canada version in a QuickBooks US version
  • The user can upgrade the file from an older to a newer version of QuickBooks, but he/she can’t use the upgraded file in the older version. The only exception to this rule is if the user is using QuickBooks desktop accountant and working in an accountant’s copy. For further information, the user can see accountant’s copy overview
  • When the user opens up the company file in a newer version, QuickBooks will ask if he/she wants to upgrade or convert the QuickBooks company file. Usually, a new version will update and convert an older QuickBooks company file. In case the QuickBooks company won’t upgrade to the new version, the user might need to step the company file through an intermediate version of QuickBooks.


  • It should be noted that a file created in one edition can be opened with any other edition without affecting the data.

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Important reminders

  • It should be noted that the user needs to create a different folder labelled Pre-Conversion backup, in order to avoid overwriting files
  • In case the user transfer company files between different locations, and systems, he/she needs to ensure that they are running the same version and release of QuickBooks software.
  • If the user decides for using the previous QuickBooks version, the user will have to manually re-enter the transaction entered in the upgraded or converted file in the old backup file. As the user will not be able to export transactions or merge company files in QuickBooks, for which the user will have to use a different application as an alternative solution.
  • In case the user installs a new version of QuickBooks desktop on top of the old version, he/she might require to reinstall the old version on a different folder to restore the pre-conversion or old backup.

Final Words..!

Towards the end of this post, we expect that once you are thorough with the above stated information, you will be well versed with the QuickBooks company file compatibility. However, in case you have any query, or for any sort of technical assistance, our team of QuickBooks enterprise support team will be available for you round the clock.

You can simply get in touch with them anytime, and they will ensure you with the best possible support services immediately. Give us a call at +1-844-521-0490, and leave the rest on us.


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