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Learn about .ND files in QuickBooks Desktop

Regardless of the fact that you are a QuickBooks user or not, you might be aware of this wonderful accounting software or you might have heard about it. But do you know about QuickBooks .ND files? Or Are you aware of the functions of .ND files in QuickBooks desktop? Do you have any idea regarding the usage of these .ND files? Well, if you are a QB user, then it is mandatory for you to have the basic knowledge regarding the facts associated with .ND files in QuickBooks desktop.

You might be thinking that why you need to know about all this. Well, at times while operating this software, the users might encounter .ND files errors, and this is where the user might get puzzled if he/she does not know about the .ND files. To make it simple, we have come with this article, where we will be having a detailed discussion regarding .ND files in QuickBooks desktop. So, stay tuned and enhance your knowledge with us.

Whereas, if any of the query associated to .ND files troubling you, feel free to speak to our QuickBooks enterprise support team. Just ring up at our toll-free number i.e. +1-844-521-0490, and our team will be there to assist you in a single call.

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What do you understand by .ND files in QuickBooks?

Before digging in deep and learning various facts related to .ND files, it is sensible enough to first get a brief about what actually is .ND file in QuickBooks desktop. Basically, .ND files (Network data files) are configuration files that permit the QuickBooks software to access the company file in a multi-user environment. These files are created by the QuickBooks Database server manager (QBServerUtilityMgr.exe). These files identify the database server used by the program.

What are the functions of .ND files?

Talking about the functions or facts related to .ND files, the list is as follows:

  1. .ND file is usually created by the QuickBooks database server manager that too in the same folder, where the company file is situated. This file could be easily identified with the help of .ND file extension.
    • MyCompanyFile.nd
    • MyCompanyFIle.qbw.nd
  2. .ND files could also be seen in a single-user environment that earlier had multi-user access option turned-on.
  3. Another fact of .ND file is that it is 1 KB in size and is a text file. This file can be easily opened and edited in Notepad and can be identified with a text icon.
  4. The .ND files contain the information that the QuickBooks accounting software required to communicate with the server, such as the IP address and the port. Along with that, these files find out whether the company file is in use or not.

Note: The server name and the IP addresses can also be found in the Product information by simply using the F2 key or Ctrl +1 keys.

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Sample .ND file

.ND files in QuickBooks desktop - Screenshot
  • Server IP Address – The user can get the server IP address and then evaluate it with the one contained .ND file.
  • Server Name and QB Year – The server name could be found in the middle and the QuickBooks database server manager version is at the end: 28=2018, 27=2017, 26=2016, etc.
  • Port used – The port is to be opened/added in the firewall settings.
  • Full path to company file – It should be noted that any path other than C: will need added troubleshooting.
  • 1 for hosting on and 2 for hosting off – It should be noted that the hosting need to be turned on for a file to be opened in a multi-user network setting.
  • Usually blank – Usually blank can be ignored.

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How to Resolve .ND files errors in QuickBooks?

In case when the .ND file is damaged or corrupted, or .QBW file was moved while upgrading without moving the corresponding .ND file. The user can view and recreate .ND files for rectifying the errors, in case when the company file doesn’t open. A few of the common errors that could be seen are:

Solution #1: Reboot system and server

The first solution to get rid of the issues can be to reboot the system and the server. Well, this can be easily done with the help of the below stated steps. Let us check out each of the steps one by one:

  • The first step is to visit all the system that have the access to the company file and then reboot them all.
  • If the data resides on the server, then start the server once again.
  • The next step is to access the company file.
  • And if this doesn’t work, jump on to the next solution.

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Solution #2: Incorrect or missing .ND files

In case the above method failed to assist in fixing the issues, the user can opt for another method, where he/she would be required to rectify the incorrect or missing .ND files. The steps involved in this particular process are as follows:

  • The first step is to look for .ND in the system that contains the company files.

Note: In case .ND files don’t exist, the user can open QuickBooks company file on the system, where the file resides to create it.

  • Remove the files (.NDOLD).
  • The user is then required to make use of the database server manager to re-scan the folders. This step would create new files.

This was all about QuickBooks desktop .ND files, and we hope that the information contained in this blog post might help you in any way. We have tried to incorporate almost every fact associated with .ND files.

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Conclusive words!

However, if any of your doubts remained unanswered, or in case you have any query, you can get in touch with our QuickBooks enterprise technical support team via our toll-free number i.e. 1-844-521-0490. Our team of experts and accounting professionals will help you in dealing with all types of QB associated errors.


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