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When the entire World witnessed the impressions of COVID-19 in 2020s, it was then declared as a pandemic globally where pandemic lockdown was enforced everywhere in the world. Nobody was certain about how much and how long the impact of this pandemic will last on the global economy. Everywhere, all the enterprises and businesses were going through tough phase. They had to face many challenges in acquiring new client, in renegotiating existing contracts and in dwindling revenues. Therefore, Employees from the industries and enterprises were made to adopt ‘Work from Home’ as per the Government mandate. As a result 90% of employees from the IT industry worked from home during the lockdown period. So the sudden surge in COVID-19 cases and technology evaluation taught us an important lesson in the hard way. This WFH became the need of the hour for the business continuity. And people look for steps to setup QuickBooks Desktop to work from home

In the current situation also almost all the IT industries and businesses have adapted this Work from Home. However, if you are using QuickBooks software as an accounting tool in your businesses and enterprises. Then it becomes very easy to setup QuickBooks Desktop to Work from Home.

In this article we have discussed the ways to access the QuickBooks Desktop remotely with ease in seconds. Therefore, we recommend you to follow this article till the very end in order to learn the process of setting up the QuickBooks desktop from Work from Home. In case of any Query you can directly contact our QuickBooks Support team by ringing our toll free number 1-844-521-0490 Our team of experts is ready to assist you with every possible service in the least time.

But before going through the steps of setting up the QuickBooks desktop from Work from Home let us get to know some benefits of using QuickBooks desktop remotely.

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Benefits of accessing QuickBooks Desktop to Work from Home

Some of the significant benefits of accessing QuickBooks Desktop to Work from Home are:

  • It helps to communicate and collaborate on a unified platform.
  • In a remote access of QuickBooks desktop you can access the software through a secured server on the web round the clock.
  • It also allows Multiple QuickBooks users to access files and its documents simultaneously that in turn reduce their travel costs and infrastructure expenses of office.
  • You can avoid copying as well as pasting of data on local PCs and home units.
  • In remote access of QuickBooks Desktop you can track financial position and analyze all the activities of your accountant easily.
  • One of the most important significant benefits of QuickBooks Desktop to Work from home is that you can easily work in the software by using compatible internet connection on your device without being restricted to specific location.

Steps to Setup QuickBooks Desktop to Work from Home (Remotely)

To access QuickBooks Desktop from anywhere (Remotely), there are four ways that can be implemented that are given below. Let us check out the steps to Setup QuickBooks Desktop to Work from Home.

METHOD I: Moving or re-installation of QuickBooks to another System

In this method you have to move or re-install QuickBooks on another system by using migratory tool. If you want to install QuickBooks on the home system (old system) versus the office (new system), then the below mentioned steps can be opted:

For the old system

  • At first, go to the File menu from QuickBooks and then opt for Utilities tab
  • Then under this menu select the Move QuickBooks to another system.
Move QuickBooks to another computer - Set up QuickBooks remotely
  • In the next step go for the I’m ready option.
Move QuickBooks to another computer - Set up QuickBooks desktop to work from home
  • And on the other hand create a One-time password while following all the on-screen prompts to choose the USB flash drive that will be used and wait for the files to be copied.
Move QuickBooks to another computer - QuickBooks remotely

For the new system

  • Start by inserting the USB flash drive.
  • Although due to security restrictions of windows, this Migrator tool won’t launch by own. So to start the migratory tool, open the flash drive to View its files and then double click the file Move_QuickBooks.bat.
  • Now enter the password that has been created and then opt for let’s go tab.
  • And then wait for the Migrator tool to finish.

Moving the files to another system

  • Make sure to install QuickBooks desktop on the new system.
  • Now follow the steps to create a backup company file on the original system and save this backup file.
  • Now assign this file with a unique name, so that it becomes easy to identify. Also it will also prevent the accidental overwrites.
  • Then it’s time to save the backup company to new system. Here, you can either put the backup on a flash drive or an external device.
  • You can also share it if the system is on the same network.
  • Now restore the backup on the new system.
  • And if you are making use of payroll, then it is important to download the latest tax table after moving the file.

NEXT Re– Install the QuickBooks desktop.

And in the final step install and setup QuickBooks desktop for Mac.

METHOD II: Set up or open a company file from the remote server

This method helps you to access the QuickBooks desktop product and data file stored at a different location; by using a hosting service. It allows you to store the QuickBooks product and data file on a service provider’s servers. This permits you to use the QuickBooks securely, anywhere and at any point of time. As long as you are having the access to the active internet connection, you can use a remote desktop connection.

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METHOD III: Set up or open a company file from a remote computer or a system

If you want to access any QuickBooks desktop data file stored at different location, you must have designated client system. QuickBooks products can also be installed on more than one system i.e. in home as well as in office but only one system can access the one data file at one time.

 To access the data file from a remote system, follow the steps as given below:

  • Open a company file located on the remote system and the steps are:
  • Under the  File menu, opt for Open or restore company
    • Furthermore, Select the Open a company file and also select Next tab.
    • Now browse the location of the company file.
    • Suppose your company file is located to Drive E, now check the name of the company file in the list.
    • In the next step, Select the company file from the list and also select Open tab.
    • Now, create and enter the User name with password.
  • Installing QuickBooks database server manager
  • At first close all open programs on the server system, including QuickBooks, before installing QuickBooks Data server manager.
    • Then you need to open the Install file downloaded  which is termed as setup_QuickBooks.exe
    • Follow all the onscreen instructions in order to find product or license number.
    • Now if QuickBooks asks to select an Install type option, or opt for Custom or network options.
  • Click on the Next tab and ignore the Express tab option.
  • Select the best option for the Network setup and then again click on the Next tab.
    • All the options will install the QuickBooks database server manager.

If the QuickBooks desktop is already installed on your system, then this would not over write the company data existing in your system.

  • If you wish to have both QuickBooks database server manager and QuickBooks desktop on the server system, then we strongly recommend you to select I’ll be using QuickBooks desktop on this system, and I’ll be storing….option.
  • And if you want the QuickBooks database server manager on the server system, then you can go for I will not be using QuickBooks desktop option.
  • Observe attentively and then follow all the on-screen prompts. Once you are done with this, select the Install tab
  • Or you can map a network drive in windows and check the recommended networks for QuickBooks.
QuickBooks database server manager - QuickBooks remotely

Basic steps that one can perform to map a network drive are mentioned below:

  • In the very first step you need to click on windows tab.
  • Then click on the computer tab and also select the option to map a network drive
  • Now, we suggest you to go to my computer
  • And in the last step opt for a drive letter that is unused. Also, click on browse


Some other options that also supports QuickBooks Desktop work from home:

  • Hosting of QuickBooks Desktop on Cloud:

In this option hosting of QuickBooks desktop on cloud is done as an Authorized hosting of QuickBooks desktop software on any third-party servers which is now permitted by Intuit. It allows all the authenticated users to access the QuickBooks installed on the server of hosting providers from anywhere via Internet.

  • Using QuickBooks remote access tool

This is the second option which is suggested by the experts. This QuickBooks remote access tool helps you to connect easily to the remote system where QuickBooks accounting software is already installed in it. This tool also performs all the basic tasks smoothly such as copying files from local to remote and vices versa, using local printers to print files, remotely accessing of QuickBooks data folders and files etc.

  • Switching to QuickBooks Online from QuickBooks Desktop
Export company file to QuickBooks online - Setup QuickBooks Desktop to Work from Home

The third and the last option that the users have is to Switch to QuickBooks online (QBO) from QuickBooks desktop. This will make it easy for the users to access the data file from any device that has an internet access .For the ones who don’t know about QuickBooks online

, then it is basically a solution from Intuit working entirely on cloud that helps in increasing the efficiency of the software.

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Wrapping it up!

With this we have come to the end of this article, here we have tried our best to summarize the entire process of setting the QuickBooks Desktop to Work from home or remote access feature. It helps you to meet the necessity of remote accounting data accessibility and also allows you to manage your business easily even from your home. We are also very helpful that all information that this article conveys might help all the QB users in setting up or accessing QuickBooks desktop remotely. And If in case, during the process of setting up you are facing any kind of trouble or you have any queries – you can immediately contact our QuickBooks certified experts and technicians at our toll-free helpline number i.e., 1-844-521-0490.

Our QuickBooks Pro Advisors are always available for you to look forward to your problems and can provide you a feasible solution for all your accounting problems.

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