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Techniques to get rid of QuickBooks Error 3140 in Point of sale system

Without any doubt, QuickBooks is a cutting edge software that has marked its presence in the accounting sector. It is one of the most powerful software that offers countless benefits to its users such as advance inventory, flexibility to scale up, various other tools for easy and swift accounting. Being a software, at times certain technical problems may arise, especially when there is any sort of problem with the coding of the program or when there is an input of wrong data. One such error that is generally faced, is QuickBooks Error code 3140.

These error messages with code 3140 can come throughout the program installation. While you are running Intuit QuickBooks software application is running. The Error 3140 experience at the time of Start-up or shutdown of the Windows. Or while you are conducting the Windows Os.

You may see the following error messages on your desktop screen:

Status code 3140 or 3120: The specified account is invalid or of the wrong type

Status code 3140: There is an invalid reference to QuickBooks AR/AP Account “###### – #########” in the Receipt or Bill

Status code 3140: Status Message: There is an invalid reference to QuickBooks Account “###### – #########” in the item Non – Inventory. QuickBooks error message: The expense account is invalid

In this blog, we will be focusing mainly on the relevant solutions to resolve this QuickBooks error code 3140. To get a better guidance, you can get in touch with QuickBooks enterprise support team at +1-844-521-0490. You can speak to our dedicated support team and ask for professionals assistance. Our experts and certified professionals work round the clock to provide the best possible support services.

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Insight into QuickBooks error 3140

QuickBooks error code 3140 - Screenshot

The Point of sale error 3140 is often seen when the active program window crashes or starts crashing. The system, laptop, notebook might crash again and again while running the program. The user might see an error message saying “QuickBooks error 3140“. As a result of this error, the windows function very weird and respond very slowly to the mouse or keyboard input. This might also freeze the system for a few seconds. It can be seen during the program installation, or while the user is running the Intuit QuickBooks software.

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Source of the error

Error 3140 is a Runtime Error which can be occurred by several possible factors. Though this error can take place at any point of time, there are certain situations wherein this type of error mostly occurs. Let us have a look at some of these factors:

  • One of the main causes is the corruption of QuickBooks software download or inadequate installation of the software.
  • Another common cause is a corrupt download of QuickBooks can also lead to this kind of error.
  • Any kind of virus infection the system can also lead to such errors.
  • In case when the QuickBooks company file gets deleted unknowingly.
  • Also, if there is any sort of corruption in the windows registry due to recent changes

Signs and Symptoms of QuickBooks error 3140

Here is the list of signs and symptoms of QuickBooks error 3140. This includes:

  • The dynamic program window crashes with the error message on the screen
  • Also, if the user gets an error message, while accessing the similar program
  • In case the PC or QuickBooks software freezes, this might indicate the error
  • Or if the windows run slowly to mouse or console input

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Steps to Troubleshoot QuickBooks Error Code 3140

We have explored enough about the error, coming to the point, we are now required to unleash the techniques to tackle this error. Most of the time, QB users find it difficult to fix these errors. Thus, considering their requirements, we have jotted down the troubleshooting steps that would help the users to tackle this error on their own.

Technique 1: Clean System Junk Files

This is one of the best ways of resolving this error. In this method, the user is required to clean all the junk files using windows disk cleanup. With this method, one can get rid of the majority of the windows, as well as the QuickBooks problems.

Clean System Junk Files (Cleanmgr) - Screenshot

Step 1: The very first thing is to click on the “Start” button.

Step 2: The next step is to type “cmd” on the keyboard.

Step 3: After that press “Ctrl + Shift” keys and then hit the “Enter” button.

Step 4: Then you will see a pop-up dialogue box on the screen, all you need to do is click on “Yes”.

Step 5: After that, a black window will open, where you are required to type “Cleanmgr” and also press the “Enter”key.

Step 6: After the processing, a disk cleanup box will open with Check-boxes. You are now required to select the Checkboxes you would like to clean.

Step 7: Now click on “OK”.

Technique 2: Install the Latest System Updates

Windows Update Screen - Screenshot

In this technique, all you need to do is follow a few steps and get rid of the error. The steps include the following:

Step 1: The very first step is to click on the “Start” button.

Step 2: Then in the search box, type “Update” and then click on “Enter”.

Step 3: Once you have performed the second step, the windows dialogue box will appear on the screen.

Step 4: Lastly, click on the “Install Updates”options, if any of the updates are available.

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Technique 3: Updating System drivers

The user is supposed to update the system device drivers, as this solution can help in getting rid of the QuickBooks error 3140. In order to update the drivers with the help of windows update, the user can carry out the steps below:

  • First of all, the user is required to click on Settings option, followed by selecting the update and security option.
  • Moving ahead, the user needs to select the Windows update and then click on check for updates.
Update the Windows 10 (Check for updates) - Screenshot

After the user has performed all the steps stated above, a new driver will download and install in the system on its own. In case this method is not a success, then feel free to switch to the next technique.

Technique 4: Creating a backup of the QuickBooks related registry entry

The steps involved in this process are as follows:

Create a Registry Backup - Screenshot

Step 1: First of all, the user needs to select the “start tab” and then type in “command option” in the search box, and make sure to avoid pressing enter.

Step 2: The next step is to press and hold the “Ctrl + shift” key, along with pressing “enter“.

Step 3: Moving ahead, the user needs to select “yeson the permission dialog box.

Step 4: Along with that, a black box with a blinking cursor will appear on the screen.

Step 5: Now, type in “Regedit”, and hit “Enter“.

Step 6: Also, in the registry editor, the user needs to select the error related key, which is to be used in creating the backup.

Step 7: Once done with that, the user needs to click on the “export option” that can be seen in the file menu.

Step 8: And then, the user will have to select the folder to save the backup from the “save-in list“.

Step 9: Moving ahead, the user needs to “name the backup file“.

Step 10: And also, ensure to mark the selected “branch option” in the export range box.

Step 11: Now, select the “save” option with .reg file extension.

Step 12: And the last and final step in the process is to have a “backup of the registry entry“.

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These were the most effective techniques that QB users facing QuickBooks error 3140 can use without any hassle. Implementing any of the above methods might work, however in certain cases results might not be positive. If you are still facing any sort of problem, or you are looking for expert guidance, you can get in touch with our QuickBooks helpline at 1(844)521-0490 and get all your queries answered.


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