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For years, QuickBooks desktop has been the most constant choice of all types of business owners. QuickBooks renders the best tools in bookkeeping and maintaining all the business accounts. This software always comes with various new features and different advancements in its versions. Many versions of QuickBooks are available in the market.

In this article, we will address the process of converting QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online. We will also learn the various errors related to the export process. This post includes the methods to resolve the errors regarding the process. Thus, make sure to read this post carefully, or you can also get in touch with our support team to fix the errors in converting QuickBooks desktop to online. You can consult our experts and certified professionals at our toll-free support number i.e. +1-844-521-0490. Our experts will help you out in fixing all sorts of errors in converting QuickBooks desktop to online.

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Points to Remember:

  • Update the QuickBooks desktop completely if it remains incomplete then, it is dangerous to import data as there are chances to a permanent data loss.
  • You can only import QuickBooks desktop data within the first 60 days of your QuickBooks Online company start date.
  • Store your data file in QuickBooks Desktop and maintain your transactions on both sets of books until you decide QBO is right for your business.
  • Make sure that you know the limitations of importing and then, make your choice.
  • Log in as the administrator in both QuickBooks desktop file and your Online account.
  • If you face any errors while importing then, fix the errors before importing.

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Process to Convert QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online

Given below is the simple process to convert QuickBooks desktop to QB online. Read the following steps carefully:

Step 1: Export the QuickBooks desktop company data

  • Select the QuickBooks version and go through the instructions.
  • Then, Open the file or data you want to export.
  • Go to Company > Export Company File to QuickBooks Online
  • Follow the instructions to connect to QuickBooks Online.

(Note– If you do not see the ‘Export’ option then, it is advised to update your QuickBooks Desktop.)

Step 2: Open your Company file

  • Press Ctrl+1 keys to open the “Product Information” window.
  • Click and hold Ctrl and press B+Q.
  • Press OK to close the Product Information.
  • Follow the prompts to connect to QuickBooks Online.

Step 3: Get connected to QuickBooks online and import your Data

  • Login as Admin and agree to the terms and conditions and sign in to the QuickBooks online.
  • Choose the QuickBooks Online company you want to import your data into or you can create a new one.
  • Select OK and wait for the process to complete. It may take up to 24 hours.

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Fix Errors while converting data from QuickBooks desktop to QuickBooks online

It is very common to encounter some issues during the process of converting data from QuickBooks desktop to QuickBooks online. We have jotted down a few errors, along with the simple ways to get rid of those errors. So, without further delay, let us have a look:

Error 1: Could not connect to the database or could not load the database

What triggers such error?

There can be manifold reasons behind the error QuickBooks unable to connect to the database, a few of which are listed below:

  • The very first reason behind this type of error can be, the company name used on your network is not different.
  • When there is more than one version of QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale installed on your computer.
  • When you don’t login into Windows as an Administrator.
  • Some corruption found in the QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale company data folder.
  • A firewall or virus is blocking the ports that the QuickBooks desktop Point of Sale database manager is trying to access.

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Fix the error by logging in with Admin credentials

This type of error can be easily resolved by logging in as an administrator:

Logging in the system with admin credentials - Screenshot
  • To begin with, the user is required to visit the ‘Run’ window.
  • After that, the user is required to open the ‘Control Panel’ & select ‘View’ option from the drop-down list, followed by selecting the ‘Small icons’.
  • The next step is to choose the ‘User Accounts’ tab.
  • Moving ahead, the user is required to select ‘Manage another account’ option.
  • And lastly, ensure that you have logged in as an ‘Administrator’.

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Fix the error “Your file size is too big”

  • Press F2 key on the keyboard.
  • Check the size of the file in the information column.
  • Make sure that it doesn’t exceed the Limit size.

Confirm there is only one company file using the name

  • Select File > Company Operations > Open Existing Company.
  • In the Existing Company data window, if the same company name appears more than once then, rename/delete the duplicate file.

Clear out the possible Data problem

  • Go to File > Company Operations.
  • Select ‘Create a new company‘ and go Next. Give this file a unique and different name.
  • If the error does not return in the Test company file, open your original companies file directly:
    • Choose File > Company Operations.
    • Select Restore from Backup & click Next.
    • Select ‘Browse to an alternate backup file‘ & choose Browse.
    • Go to your company name.
    • Select the file qbpos.db and open it.
    • Register a new, unique name for your company file, and then choose OK.

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Error 2: We can’t export the data. It may be on a network drive

We can't export the data. It may be on a network drive

This type of error could be seen when the user tries to export QuickBooks desktop company file, while being in the multi-user mode. This type of error can be easily fixed by carrying out certain steps.

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Rectifying steps to the error

  • First of all, press ‘F2 or Ctrl +1′ keys, in order to open the Product Information Window, and then check the file size.
  • Moving ahead, the user is required to close the QuickBooks Desktop, followed by copying the company file to the C:\ drive.
  • The next step is to Open the company file in QuickBooks desktop.
  • After which, the user is required to select the ‘Switch to single-user mode, from the ‘File’ menu.
Switch to Single-user Mode - Screenshot
  • To end the process, export again and then from the ‘File’ menu, the user has to pick the Utilities option, followed by opting for the ‘Copy Company File for QuickBooks Online’.
Copy Company File for QuickBooks Online in quickbooks - Screenshot

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Error 3: Exporting QBDT data to QBO

 Export QBDT Data to QBO

At times when the path of the company file is more than 4 folders deep, this type of error could be witnessed. Just as in case of file path C:\My Stuff\QuickBooks files\My Company\2016\Work Files\data.qbw

Steps to resolve the error

  • Press F2 or Ctrl + 1 keys, in order to open the Product Information Window, and then verify the company file location.
  • Then, the next step is to close the QuickBooks desktop.
Close company file - Screenshot Image

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  • Moving ahead, the user is required to copy the company file to any folder in the C:\drive.
  • And then, open the QuickBooks Desktop, followed by visiting the File menu and selecting the Open or Restore Company.
Open or Restore company file - Screenshot
  • The last and final step is to open the saved file from the new location, and then make an attempt to import the file once again.

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Error 4: There was problem checking this company for import eligibility

There was a problem checking this company for import eligibility

Factor leading to such kind of errors

  • If the user is not the master admin, company admin, or accountant user in QuickBooks online company file.
  • Or in case of any kind of issue with QuickBooks Online payroll account services.
  • Another case can be when the user before importing the data, didn’t log in to the Online account.
  • If the user fails in completing the setup interview question, then in such cases this kind of issue can be faced.

How to fix the bug?

  • Ask the master admin to grant admin permissions, or have a company admin to perform the export process.
  • Also, make sure to login the online company before importing.
  • In case the error continues to trouble you, it is recommended to create a new Online account.

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Error 5: Error in processing data for Mac Desktop file

Error in processing data for Mac Desktop file

This error can be resolved by easily updating QuickBooks Desktop for Mac to the latest release. The following steps could be followed to carry out this process:

  • The first step is to choose the Check for QuickBooks updates option from the QuickBooks menu.
  • After that, opt for the Install Updates.
  • The last step is to restart the QuickBooks software and you are good to go.

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Error 6: File is too big to export

file too big to export- screenshot

How to resolve this issue?

In order to fix this error, the user is recommended to press the F2 key and then press Ctrl + 1 on the keyboard, in order to open the Product information window.

Product Information window - Screenshot

After that, the user needs to verify the file size. It should be noted that the file can only have a maximum of 350,000 targets to import.

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Error 7: QuickBooks encountered a system error (14008) while exporting the company file

The users might encounter this error while they make an attempt to export the damaged company file. The user needs to take note that even if they verify the data, the error message might continue to appear on the screen stating: “QuickBooks has detected no problems in the data“.

How to fix this issue?

In case of QuickBooks Desktop enterprise solutions, the user is recommended to convert the file to QuickBooks online. Or in case of QuickBooks desktop pro/premier, it is suggested to import the file to QuickBooks online.

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Winding up!

With this we come to the end of this article, and also hope that the information provided to you in this article might be of some help. However, if any of your queries remained unanswered, then feel free to speak to our QuickBooks enterprise customer support team via our toll-free number i.e. 1(844)521-0490, and our seamless team of experts and certified professionals will be there to assist you round the clock that too in a single call.


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