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Are you searching for gear icon in QuickBooks desktop 2020 or 2021? Well, in such a scenario, we are here to help you. Every software user interface change with the purpose of providing easy to use software to the user. QuickBooks has changed its graphical user interface. Previously, if the user has to do some setting in QuickBooks, then the users might have to move to the setting options. But with the new change, the user can access the gear icon. In case you know where the icon is, then we will tell you in a brief. The gear icon is basically a universal icon that represents the setting menu in QuickBooks. This icon is basically used to access a countless number of features in software.

Gear Icon in QuickBooks - Screenshot

This also permits the user to handle different tasks such as managing charts of accounts, reviewing the recurring transactions, changing the company files, and also setting up services or products. To know more about gear icon and where it is in QuickBooks, make sure to stick to this article till the end.

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Where is gear icon in QuickBooks?

Gear icon is usually seen on the top right side of the company name. Also, the icon is known as the wheel. QuickBooks online software has streamlined the interface by offering two icons + and gear. Also, the user will see the gear icon on the top right side of the QuickBooks homepage between the create menu, and the help tab. the user will see the equipment icon at the most sensible appropriate facet of the QuickBooks homepage between the create menu and the assist tab.

The gear icon comprises of settings, tools, lists, and the company. The user can use the icon to access the features in QuickBooks account:

1. Settings

The settings option in QuickBooks will permit the user to set up the company information, fields or templates used in the transactions.

2. Lists

With the help of the list option, the user can see the recurring transactions, products and services list etc.

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3. Tools

Coming to the tools, it permits QuickBooks users to reconcile with the bank and set up a budget. Also, the tool option gives the user the ability to import lists, like the item list or the chart of accounts.

4. Company

The last comes the company option, where the specific section will help you to manage the users as well as QuickBooks account.

At times, users come across the gear icon disappearing issue. This process will be discussed later in this article.

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What is gear icon disappearing icon?

The equipment icon disappears, when some adjustments happen within the options of QuickBooks online. For troubleshooting the issue, the user will have to press the F5 key to refresh the web page.

Steps involved in fixing disappearing issue in QuickBooks

  • Herein, the users need to first open QuickBooks in a private browser window or incognito window.
  • In case you see the gear icon, then it indicates that it is available.
  • Also, the user will have to clear cache, this will help the browser to fix the browser related issues.
  • The last step is to get QuickBooks support service, if the error persists.

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To conclude!

With this, we come to the end of this post, where we believe that the above stated steps would be more than enough in finding gear icon in QuickBooks desktop. However, if you are still confused or need any sort of assistance, then ring up to us at our QuickBooks enterprise support number i.e. 1(844)405-0906, and we will be more than happy to help you.


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