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Many QuickBooks users wish to take the reports out of QuickBooks and analyze them in Microsoft excel. Well, in such a scenario, the user can do this by export reports as excel workbooks in QuickBooks desktop. The user can save the reports as Excel workbooks (.xlsx), CSV spreadsheets, or PDF’s. If you are also planning to export reports in QuickBooks desktop, then this article will surely help you out. This article will brief you with the process to save QuickBooks reports and use them in Microsoft Excel.

Thus, to unleash the detailed process, make sure that you stick around the post carefully till the end. Or grab your phone and get in touch with us, we are just a buzz away and waiting for your call. We assure the discussion would help you gain a better insight related to exporting reports as excel workbooks in QuickBooks.

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Exporting a report in QuickBooks desktop for windows

The steps involved in the process to export a report in QuickBooks desktop for windows are as follows:

Export a report in QuickBooks desktop for windows - Screenshot
  • The user can simply move to the reports menu in QuickBooks and choose reports center
  • And then, look for and open any of the report
  • The next step is to choose the excel on the toolbar and can also select print or email to save the report as a PDF.
  • The user is then required to create a new excel workbook and choose create new worksheet. In case the user wishes to update an existing workbook with the data in the open report and choose update existing worksheet. Also, choose browse and look for the workbook on the system. The user should keep in mind that this overwrites workbook.
  • In case the user wants to format the data a specific way, then the user needs to choose advanced.

It should be noted that the reports must have less than 256 columns. In case the user spots a message stating “report has too many columns”, then the user is suggested to select advanced tab. And then select and uncheck the space between columns checkbox and also hit OK tab. The user can also save the report as a CSV instead of an excel workbook and have more columns.

  • Also, the user needs to select OK tab, when he/she is ready to export. In order to open the report in excel, one can also select export tab.

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Steps to export a report in QuickBooks desktop for Mac

It should be noted that one can open the excel workbooks with apple numbers v3.5 or Microsoft excel 2016 or later, which includes Mac office 365:

  • Under this, the user needs to move to the reports menu and also look for the report to be exported
  • And then choose export
  • The user is then required to select file, when the file opens and also select save as to save the file

QuickBooks opens up the excel workbooks with the default application set by the user. This can be changed by carrying out the steps below:

  • The user needs to first right click on the file and also choose get info
  • After that from the open with menu, the user needs to choose Microsoft excel or apple numbers
  • And then choose change all

The user can set the report preferences to change the file type that QuickBooks exports.

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Steps to get updated reports while working in excel

After exporting, the user can get the latest version of the report from QuickBooks being in excel. It is important to note that, the first time a report is updated from excel, the user needs to ensure that QuickBooks desktop is open. This will set the preferences and permissions. And then, the user update reports from excel even if QuickBooks is closed. The steps involved in here are:

  • The user needs to firstly navigate to QuickBooks tab in Microsoft excel. Excel will add this automatically the first-time report is exported.
  • And then, choose update report to get the latest version of the report from QuickBooks.

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To Conclude!

With this we conclude this post, and expect that the information discussed in above might help in export reports as excel workbooks in QuickBooks desktop successfully. Whereas, if the user is unable to successfully perform the steps discussed in this post, then in that case, one can simply speak to our QuickBooks enterprise help-desk right away at 1-844-521-0490, and our team of professionals will surely ensure to provide the best possible support services immediately.


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