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Cybercrimes are on size and security has become a major issue for the users who are working using the internet. Taking hold of various cyber security concerns, it is important for all the users to know about the process of QuickBooks Admin password retrieval. Stringent security measures are extremely important to avoid such crimes and keep the data safe. Below are some tips one can use to create a password for QuickBooks software. It is advised to follow the specific criteria before composing the password:

  • Password must be of minimum 7 characters
  • At least one numeric character should be used
  • At least one Uppercase letter should be used
  • There should be no spaces in the password
  • Make sure that Passwords are case sensitive
  • The password should be simple to remember, but tough to crack
  • Also, the user should create an alphanumeric password, with at least one special character
  • It is advised not to add your social information, when arranging your QuickBooks desktop admin password
  • Your are also recommended to not to share your important credentials with someone you do not trust

Users are required to remember the QuickBooks Admin Password Crack. When the user is on the ‘login’ page, click on forgot password and try to retrieve the password. At this moment, you can utilize the QuickBooks Automated Password Reset Tool.

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Crack admin password using QuickBooks Password Reset Tool

When someone tries to login to QuickBooks Desktop, one needs to enter the password and is able to access the company file. But it has been made compulsory by QuickBooks to change the password after every 90 days in order to avoid any kind of security threats. Thus, a user receives a number of prompts and alerts to change the password.

Steps to retrieve the QuickBooks Admin Password

The user can make use of the QuickBooks Automated Password reset tool, in order to retrieve/crack the QuickBooks admin password. The automated password reset tool can help the user to successfully retrieve the password. The steps involved in this process are as follows:

  1. The very first step is to Download QuickBooks Automated Password Reset Tool
  2. Select the QuickBooks version

The user will have to select the last opened QuickBooks version used for opening the company file. Also, the user needs to ensure that this version is installed in the system, where you are going to run the password reset tool.

QuickBooks Automated Password Reset Tool - Screenshot 1

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  1. After that, the user needs to enter the QuickBooks license number and other important business information whenever you are registering QuickBooks.
  2. And then, the user needs to click on Next button.
Reset QuickBooks password-screenshot
  1. After that, the user needs to accept the ‘License Agreement’. The automated password tool will be at work when you get messages that the details you have entered do not match the login details of Intuit account. These details shall comprise:
    • Authorized username
    • Email address
    • Primary mail address and ZIP code
    • License No.
    • Phone No.

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It should be noted that at this stage, if you are asked to select between RUN or SAVE, then choose save and put this to the desktop.

  1. The user is then required to run the automated password tool.
  2. Also, the user needs to enter the token number which you may have received through email
  3. Moving ahead, in QB desktop products, select the same QB version
  4. Click on ‘Browse Company file’ option and click on Company file for which you will set the password.
  5. Enter the new password and confirm it
  6. Now, click Reset Password and the process will be completed.

In case the QuickBooks is unable to start, even after troubleshooting, then the user is recommended to use the new password to log-in to the company file. Also note that, you will have to fill the verification form again.

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Reset QuickBooks password using security question

In case the login password just slips through the mind, the user can opt for the I forgot my password option. The user can also carry out the steps below to reset the admin password:

  • The user needs to click on the I forgot my password option in the QuickBooks desktop login window
QuickBooks desktop login-screenshot
  • The next step is to select the answer the security question.
  • And then provide the right answer
  • Moving ahead, the user will see “Your password and challenge answer has been removed and your company files are no more password protected.
  • When this window closes, generate a new password and then select a new answer to a challenge question.

For security reasons, QuickBooks will prompt the user to change the admin login password after every 90 days and then send the reminders regularly after some time. The user should create a strong password considering the below steps:

  • It should be noted that the length of the password should exceed 7 characters.
  • And use at least one upper case letter, special character and a number in the password
  • Also, avoid using space in the password.

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Winding up!

We hope that in this article, you found the ways to crack QuickBooks desktop password through you can retrieve your password. However, for any other information or queries, you can speak to our QuickBooks enterprise customer support team on our toll-free number i.e. 1(844)521-0490!.

We are a hub of experts and certified professionals, who work round the clock to provide the best possible support services related to your accounting software. Thus, do not hesitate in talking to our professionals and let them fix the error for you.


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