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In the recent times, QuickBooks cloud hosting has created a lot of buzz in the recent times. Hosting QuickBooks on cloud enhances its power, and gradually the functioning of the business. In order to make the most of the software and also enhance the potential of the software, the user should opt for QuickBooks cloud hosting to a business. QuickBooks hosted on cloud becomes an all-in-one solution for accountant’s, CPAs, bookkeepers, and small businesses. Benefits of QuickBooks cloud hosting for a business needs no introduction. Be it a mid-sized business or large-scale business, QuickBooks cloud hosting can be highly reliable and beneficial.

Talking about QuickBooks desktop, at certain extent it fails to fulfil the requirements of a business. One of the major drawbacks of QuickBooks desktop can be that it has no accessibility from a remote location. Due to this and various other factors, QuickBooks desktop users plan to switch to QuickBooks cloud hosting. If you are still doubtful regarding cloud hosting, then reading this article ahead would clear all your clouds of confusion. Unleash the unavoidable benefits of QuickBooks cloud hosting below.

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What compels you to switch to cloud hosting?

As per the reports of the users and also various observations, QuickBooks desktop has some restrictions that forbid the user to continue managing the business information smoothly and effectively. In old-school method of QuickBooks i.e. QuickBooks desktop, the business accounting operations have to be dependent on the device on which the software is installed, which in-turn creates accessibility issues for the user. Moreover, QuickBooks takes much more time to load in the memory, and also further limitations might be faced.

This is where, QuickBooks cloud hosting comes into the picture. All these drawbacks of QuickBooks desktop, can be easily overcome with QuickBooks cloud hosting. The cloud technology was the perfect answer for each and every concern of QB desktop user.

Perks of QuickBooks cloud hosting

As we have mentioned earlier many times that QuickBooks cloud hosting can be beneficial to businesses in many ways, a few of which are listed below:

Remote Access

One of the major benefits of cloud hosting is remote access. Undoubtedly, this is one of the most coveted feature of QuickBooks cloud hosting. All you need to have is a secure internet connection and you are good to go. With a device having internet connection, you can manage and access data and service from any of the aloof corner that too at any odd hour of the day. With cloud hosting, neither time nor geographical locations are a hurdle anymore.

In such a tough-survival market, remote access becomes very important to access the real-time data. This feature strengthens the collaboration of multiple users without any limitations to physical presence.

Faster website performance and speed

Majority of the cloud servers offer faster speed. Moreover, these servers are able to enhance the capacity of the site, along with enabling easy load balancing between multiple sever environment. This feature helps in putting less of pressure on the resources of a single server. Moreover, the server hardware association also affects the speed of the site, due to which it is recommended to opt for a cloud host having multiple caching layers, premium server hardware, and also low-density servers.

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Collaborative experience

QuickBooks cloud hosting gives the user the power to access the files with multiple devices, from different location, that too by various users. This helps the businesses with teams working across multiple geographies to be on same page and also there are no multiple versions of important files. Thus, the user can experience a collaborative experience and can be independent of the local storage.

Managed hosting

With cloud hosting, the user need not to install any software. The service provider will take care of the installation part and will set everything up for the user. Moreover, the user need not to buy any of the additional hardware on the premises as the software runs on remote cloud servers. This will save on the hardware and installation costs. And also, the subscription fees will include the QuickBooks license fee and hosting fee.

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One of the reasons behind switching to a new software or version can be user-friendliness. When someone switch from one software to another, he/she looks for an easy to use software process. QuickBooks cloud hosting is a user-friendly option and supports accountants in the most ideal manner and is easy-to-use. It also comes with a virtual introduction process and most of its features can be accessed and activated with just a single click.

Upgraded and enhanced security

With QuickBooks cloud hosting comes enhanced security and safety of the business financial data. This ensures that no unauthorized or 3rd parties can access it. With cloud servers, there is no compromise for the confidentiality of the QuickBooks accounting data, as the user is assured of complete security from malicious software or any sort of natural disaster like fire or flood. The cloud hosting providers offer the highest security standards like 256-bit encryption, continuous network monitoring, and fully clustered multi-tier structure to keep the data safe and secure in the cloud.

Security of the data is one of the primary motives of any business owner, and if the hosting provider is Intuit certified and have years of experience and expertise, then one can easily rely upon them for enhanced security and safety of the confidential data.

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Automatic upgrading and updating

It is very important to keep the QuickBooks accounting software updated and upgraded to the latest version, so as to manage the business activities without any further hassle. For QuickBooks desktop users, it might be a bit difficult to keep a track of the same. However, with QuickBooks remote access, the user need not to worry about the upgradation of the software, as this task will be completed and taken care of by the QuickBooks cloud service provider on a regular basis.

Disaster recovery

Disaster recovery is one of the major benefits that one can avail, when it comes to QuickBooks remote access. It is quite probable and possible to face certain human-made or natural disasters, which is well taken care in QuickBooks cloud. Using the old-school version saves the data on the local device, and this enhances the degree of risk of data loss. However, when the data is stored on different remote locations. It means that the data will be much safer and also the user can recover the data even if any sort of disaster takes place. In short, the work will not get hampered, even in case of the data loss, as one can easily retrieve the data.

Compatible with other applications

It should be noted that QuickBooks is compatible with many other third-party applications and can be integrated with it. However, in case of QuickBooks desktop the hardware restrictions might affect the performance of the application, in case there are number of add-ons. This situation is well-controlled by QuickBooks hosting, as it helps in killing the limitations such that any of the applications can be easily integrated with the accounting software that too seamlessly.

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Maximum server uptime and full IT support

Majority of the hosting providers facilitate with availability all the time with minimum scheduled or unscheduled downtime. Moreover, the user gets full IT support, whenever required. However, it depends upon the plan opted by the user, but in certain scenarios, the user is provided with complete technical support and round the clock support services to resolve client issues in least possible time.

Competitive edge

Each and every business wishes to remain a step ahead of its competitors. Moving to QuickBooks cloud is one of the steps that allows businesses to act faster than others in the market. As the software worries are handled by the service providers, the business owner gets more time to focus on other important aspects of the business.

Monitor business accounting workflow in a better way

With QuickBooks cloud hosting, tracking and monitoring the entire workflow of the business accounting and checking each worker’s performance in real-time becomes much easier. This also makes the accounting process easy going and effective, further assisting in analyzing and planning the effective strategies that will help in growing the business.

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To conclude!

After reading this article thoroughly, you might be well-versed with the perks of QuickBooks cloud hosting to a business. However, if any of your query remained unanswered, then feel free to call us at our toll-free customer support number i.e. +1-844-521-0490.

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